More politics, starting with the good news.

The fascist alt.right candidate lost in France! And the American alt.right is sooooo miserable.

•Georgia’s restrictions on voting registration have been struck down. Though as noted at the link, the Supreme Court may undo that.

•The Washington Post says it would be next to impossible for insurers to use the aftermath of rape or sexual assault (STDs, PTSD) to charge survivors higher insurance premiums for pre-existing conditions. I hope they’re right.

•Congress tried to remove legal protections for users of prepaid debit cards. The effort failed.

•DNC head Tom Perez blasts Trump’s proposal for a new voter suppression commission: “Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the word integrity.” And more from there.

•Trump lies so badly, his supporters can’t keep up.

Now the bad/annoying:

•So Jimmy Kimmel talked about the importance of affordable healthcare and brings up his son’s health issues. The ever-vapid Jonah Goldberg concludes this is just the tactic Hitler would have used.

•Rightbloggers struggle to explain how awesome Trumpcare is. Unsurprisingly, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he’s ready to let insurers in his state raise premiums for pre-existing conditions. And Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho reassures us that nobody dies because they can’t get health care.

•A US attack on a Syrian mosque may have been a war crime. And Syria is using nerve gas, which is a crime against humanity.

•Russia has banned Jehovah’s Witnesses from practicing their faith.

•It’s cultural anxiety (which seems to include all the racial/religious aspects of culture), not the economy that fuels Trump voters.

•An Australian politician complaining about immigrants says they don’t support Australian values like free speech — for example Jews object to Holocaust deniers.

•Republican voter suppression works.

•Yet another pundit explains that Trump’s incoherent, false statements are more authentic than Clinton’s truthful ones.

•Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department has a new argument in favor of Trump’s travel ban — based on a case involving segregated swimming pools. Unsurprisingly, it’s the anti-integration argument Justice claims as precedent.

•A Tennessee law restricts all words in state laws to their natural and ordinary meaning. Which could mean that if two lesbians have a kid, only the one who gives birth is a legal parent.

•Firing FBI Director Comey for violating FBI policy (in announcing his investigation into Clinton’s emails) is kind of ironic: Comey’s guilty, but that’s obviously not what Trump cares about. The prevailing theory is that Trump’s trying to stop an investigation; an alternative suggestion is that Comey’s not happy he helped Trump win and Trump’s pissed about that. Unfortunately it’s unlikely any Repubs will raise a stink in contrast to Watergate, when people really did put principle ahead of party and career. Several Nixon officials actually resigned rather than go along with the cover-up. More thoughts along those lines from Echidne.

•A Democrat holds a town hall meeting … in a neighboring Republican district.

•Trump thinks health insurance should cost about $15 a month.

•Republicans keep supporting Trump because Republican voters support Trump.

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