Yet more reasons we can’t have nice things: media, Republicans and big business


Because the standard for assessing Trump’s first 100 days shouldn’t be what a moderate centrist Trump would have done and how he might have done it if not for those darn Democrats pushing him to the right. Or that Trump should listen to the conservative movement because Ronald Reagan’s conservative policies ended the Cold War and boosted the economy (as noted at the link, they did neither).

•Because CNN’s new hire Chris Cillizza sees no conflict between treating Chelsea Clinton as a public figure (she might run for office!) and arguing that Ivanka Trump, who is a White House official now, shouldn’t be criticized for holding up her dad as a champion of women.

•Because the right-wing media’s response to Bill O’Reilly getting fired for alleged sexual harassment was to explain they didn’t like him and he wasn’t a real conservative anyway.

•Because we have people on Fox news advocating violence against abortion doctors and saying anyone who doesn’t do it is a “pro-life coward.”


•Because while Republicans are looking at dropping the “can’t deny insurance for pre-existing conditions” health insurance rule, they’re keeping it for themselves and their staff.

•Because some Republicans still think the Iraq war was a fantastic triumph, and a role model for the future.

•Because “far left special interests” who create national monuments and national parks must be stopped!!!!

•Because deregulation of business screws over consumers.

•Because North Carolina Republicans are explaining the billion-dollar shortfall that would be caused by their proposed tax cuts doesn’t matter — it will spur such unimaginable growth, the state will actually get more money! This is, and has always been bullshit, as in it’s never worked (it’s the same bullshit approach that tanked the Kansas economy). And if it did have a chance of working, it still wouldn’t work in practice — once you go down that route, it’s just too tempting to tweak the numbers.

•Because if a guy goes to a bar dressed like a girl, Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi says the guy deserves to be beat up. He subsequently CYAed with a lot of talk about respect and tolerance but seems to think “civility” refers to the gay guy not doing anything to offend people rather than people refraining from beating gays up.

•Because Republicans don’t give a damn about red ink when they cut taxes. The idea they’re concerned about the deficit enough to oppose Trump’s budget is bullshit. And so is Trump’s tax plan.


Because Mylar allegedly used rebates and other tricks to convince insurers and state programs to cover only EpiPen and not cover competitors (and those rebates led to the price shooting upwards). And then touted all the programs that only covered EpiPen as proof of its superiority

•Because General Motors thinks it shouldn’t have to pay victims of GM vehicles’ ignition defect (the one where the ignition would suddenly turn off on its own).

Because, Uber.

•Because our capitalist system would probably mess up drug legalization just like it gave us the opioid epidemic.

•Because a supposed Islamic terrorist attack on a German sports team was actually a scheme to crash their stock, then buy it cheap.

•All that stuff conservatives spout about how we should let states set their own rules instead of having everything dictated from Washington? Bullshit. Business groups are now demanding Congress stop states and municipalities from imposing their own minimum standards for family and sick leave. Though they also object to higher federal standards. Personally I think it’s easy to overcome the confusion these businesses insist they face — just pass a rule that whichever state they work in with the most generous standards, those standards apply everywhere they have an office. Uniform, just as they like it!

•Because Internet providers are pushing to eliminate net neutrality so that they can pick and choose how easy it is for you to use a particular service or website. Although I should note a lot of Internet companies have filed to protest the FCC’s proposal.

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