But sometimes we get nice things anyway.

When Trump ran, he promised he’d overturn the ACA rules that made birth-control coverage mandatory and required religious employers either provide coverage or cooperate with a workaround (cooperate meaning they had to sign a form saying they wouldn’t cover it, so bring on the workaround). But surprisingly his administration is still defending the rule against lawsuits.

•Trump’s push to cut off funds to sanctuary cities (that refuse to participate in busting illegal immigrants who aren’t committing other crimes) gets blocked by a federal judge. Ironically using the same rationale that made the Medicaid expansion in the ACA non-mandatory (some details on the legal reasoning here).

•Another court says it’s time for Big Tobacco to stop fighting against stronger warning labels.

•A court says a restaurant shouldn’t have fired an employee for using his FB page for venting about his boss (including the MF bomb)

•As antibiotic resistance in bacteria grows more common, science is working on another kind of work-around — for example, using a DNA-destroying attack against various types of bacteria. Encouraging, but far from a done deal yet.

•And how about plastic-eating worms? Can they clean up the environment?

•Far-right French politican Marine Le Pen did not sweep the latest election.

•You may have heard a controversy over a Muslim comic-book artist referencing a Koran verse in his work that supposedly says don’t be friends with non-Muslims. At the link, G. Willow Wilson (of Ms. Marvel) rips that interpretation to pieces (and points out it’s usually treated as a guideline, not a mandate). And she links to a more detailed exegesis from an Islamic scholar.

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