Like H.G. Wells’ Martians, I was laid low by the smallest of God’s creatures (#SFWApro)

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So last week, I had a small cough and a sore throat.

Last weekend the cough became a lot nastier, so off to urgent care! Which fortunately is five minutes walking distance from home (not that I walked). Turns out that once again the Thing That’s Going Around has hit me hard because asthma makes it sooo easy for things to inflame my throat. Fortunately it’s nowhere near as bad as it got last time, and it’s mostly gone now. though I’m still being careful not to talk too much, go bicycling, or anything else that’s going to strain my breathing (unlike 2015 when the writer’s group party led to me losing my voice for a month and a half). However there was still some hacking coughing, some sleepless nights due to hacking, and some weary, zonked days due to coughing and sleepless nights.

Which is a long way of saying, work was non-existent, other than my Screen Rant piece. And some work on next week’s Screen Rant piece. And a lot of lying around.

It’s incredibly unsettling to have an unremarkable cold, the kind of thing I used to shrug off become such a problem. I guess all that stuff about how older people need to get flu and pneumonia vaccines isn’t just the vaccine industry promoting itself.

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