Worth the aftermath (#SFWApro)

So as I anticipated, prep for the Writer’s Group Christmas Party took up a lot of Saturday, partly because after two nights of waking myself with my own coughing, I was kind of groggy shopping (“Why Hulk buying things for party? What Hulk doing in Target? Hulk smash puny big box store!”). Plus I had to pick up an inter-library loan, and mail some gifts. Then the cleaning ran a little late and we had a couple of people show up just as we returned from the dog groomers with the puppies.

But once everything got under way it was a blast. I was trying to minimize my talking, but there were many conversations I was enjoying—kid’s books, how family members were doing, biological clocks (or lack of interest in same) and American Ninja 3: The Domination (don’t ask). Plus we took a steady stream of people up to meet Trixie and Plushie, whom we’d penned in the spare bedroom with treats (too much risk of them getting stepped on—personal space isn’t something they quite grasp, especially when people had food). However they weren’t entirely happy that they were penned up, and didn’t have constant access to us—Plush Dog scraped away quite a bit of paint from the door.

Unfortunately the conversation stressed out my throat (I have very poor breath control when I’m talking—I keep talking until a breath is utterly exhausted, then inhale again, which is harsher for the throat)  so that when I tried to sleep later that night I couldn’t. Every time I drifted off, there’d be a coughing attack that snapped me awake again. This morning I trundled off to Urgent Care, which happily is within five minutes drive. It was early, and I got through fairly quickly, so yay.

The doctor said The Thing That’s Been Going Around has been particularly hard on asthmatics (which I am), with drainage irritating the throat/lungs enough to cause spontaneous spasms (which is why my various asthma meds seemed to help). All my throat really needs is a chance to rest, but of course, if it keeps coughing, that just aggravates the problem and, coupled with no sleep, gives me no chance to rest. The solution: lots of steam heat, use of my asthma emergency inhaler before bed and prescription strength cough suppressant. Not much effect so far, but she (the doctor) said it’s a 24-48 hour window for fixing this.

But the party was definitely worth the aftermath. I only wish I’d been in shape to contribute more to the conversations.

100_8027Oh, and our Christmas cactus finally started blooming—I hadn’t been sure it would be ready. Heck, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d get it to bloom, so yay!



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