The rocking horse strikes back! (#SFWApro)

Siiigh. So less than a month after my last cold, I get a tickle in my throat that elevates to a nasty cough. Dang it, I do not get things like that twice in one winter! Fortunately nowhere near as bad as last month—the cough is worse, but it hasn’t had any other effect, and it’s already receding. Good thing, I don’t want to infect anyone at our writer’s group Christmas party this weekend, but if there was an infectious stage, I think I’m passed it.

Despite the cough, as usual work went right ahead. I went over my list of TV shows and I think I took care of entries for every foreign show that’s going in the appendix, eliminated a few that were just inaccurate and found links to most of the others (some, like the British series Time is the Enemy don’t exist any more and almost nothing is known of them). I feel very good seeing my list shrink by close to 30 shows (plus eliminating a couple by, you know, watching them).

Thursday once again, became “day to do stuff dogs get in the way of” as they were at doggy day care again. Mostly that meant cleaning for the party—much easier to do when they’re not sniffing around or getting right under my feet (they’ll be gone part of Saturday too, so that will help with the last bit of cleaning and cooking). Plus dealing with a contractor (some outside work that needed doing). As it turned out, that took up enough time that I even had to postpone a couple of errands until next week.

Despite everything, I did finish my rewrite of Backstage With the Dead, I Think. I’ll leave it until after the holidays, look at it once more and if it still looks done, out it goes.

If party prep delays me posting review tomorrow, they should be up on Sunday.

And now, Plush Dog once more. ‘Cause I’m a proud dog owner and I don’t tire of showing the cuteness.

thoughful plush

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