Not the third horseman, maybe the third rocking-horse? (#SFWApro)

So I was sick this week. Nothing serious, just a cold, mostly over. But unpleasant: first sore throat, then less sore throat plus runny nose, then general exhaustion (I’m still somewhat in that state).

Normally my solution to dealing with sick is to do nothing: sit back, watch TV, relax. In fact one of my benchmarks for “Do I need to take sick leave?” (back when I had a day job) was hearing myself think “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to spend all day watching television!” because I don’t do that (though in my twenties, I could easily spend a whole day watching movies).

But of course I’m currently working on watching TV for my time-travel book, so I could simultaneously rest and work. That didn’t work as well as it sounds: I kept working on other things while watching the TV shows and that made me more wiped out (I don’t see why mental activity should tire me when I’m sick, but it does). Still, I did get a lot accomplished—in fact slightly over 40 hours, as I wasn’t doing much else but not watching TV (less exercise, no speech exercises with my sore throat, etc.).

I got about four hours of work in on Southern Discomfort, though that was entirely reading what I’ve already written, trying to focus myself on the next stage. I submitted three queries (two articles, one freelance gig) and one story, and I’m 23,000 words into the next draft of the time-travel manuscript. And I got a lot of TV watched (those series that I’ve wrapped up will get a review this weekend).

And that’s pretty much it. We don’t have much going on this weekend so I should be back up to full function by Monday. And to reflect my pounding by nasty germs, here we have an old Marvel cover featuring that time-honored monster, the Giant Single-Celled Organism (cover by Jack Kirby, all rights to current holder).



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