Comic book covers for Thursday (#SFWApro)

I cannot seem to focus on blogging this week, so I’m going heavy on images, light on text.

Julius Schwartz, editor of DC’s Mystery in Space and Strange Adventures was a master at picking covers that would hook readers. Often one of the artists would come up with an idea which Schwartz and the writer would shape into a story. So here are some eyecatching examples.

A Gil Kane cover—

And Kane again—

And a similar idea, but without a human POV character (Murphy Anderson this time)

A classic gorilla cover by Kane

And Nicholas Cardy doing a gorilla from when Strange Adventures was a reprint book (I prefer it to the original).

Anderson again. Confused aliens generated a lot of fun stories for the Schwartz anthology books.

Gil Kane does another set of confused aliens

While Murphy Anderson does an updated cover for the reprint

And here’s one by Kane that really screams Buy Me Now!

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