Slipping into the workflow (#SFWApro)

So as I mentioned last Friday, I’m dealing with several paying gigs for the first time in a while. Though I haven’t heard from one of them, which makes me wonder if it’ll be one of those that just never gets around to giving me assignments (no big, it’s not like it cost me anything but time to try).

What I’m pleased about is that I don’t seem to be following my usual pattern which is to let my mind wander off and drag out the work. I was very bad about this with my work for Raleigh Public Record a few years ago; I did good work, and I didn’t miss deadline, but it always took far more time than it should have.

Now if my mind glitches on one project, I switch to another instead of wool-gathering. When I didn’t have some information I needed yesterday, I started doing some work on Southern Discomfort. This is a good thing; the more work I have the more I need to use my time efficiently. Particularly to get the fiction done. I think that may be the main reason I’m so focused — I really, really don’t want to lose any more time for fiction than I have to.

So let’s hope it keeps up. Fingers crossed.

In unrelated news, I made a vegan chocolate cake with fudgy icing and hazelnut topping this weekend. Went over like gangbusters at the vegan potluck we attended.

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