Let’s link about sexism some more

According to a University of Texas study, 15 percent of female undergraduates have been raped in college. (hat-tip Stillness of Heart)

•Girls who text guys first are desperate. Abstinence is the only good birth control. Girls have premarital sex because of daddy issues. And other abstinence-only sex-ed bullshit.

•If a pregnant woman’s doctor lies to her about the fetus having birth defects, a Texas bill would prevent her suing him.

•One writer argues feminism drives men to the alt-right because they can’t be breadwinners or heroes any more. LGM suggests they do something heroic instead of whining about feminism. Roy Edroso points out that no matter what reasons they picked to go neo-Nazi, the guys are still neo-Nazis.

•Once again a right-winger (Oklahoma Rep Gary Faught) argues that God rapes women. So rape-exceptions for abortion laws are therefore not justified. By which logic, since God also sends disease, Faught will presumably not seek medical aid if he gets cancer. Anyone want to be on that. A previous post on the topic here.

•While the Trumpcare bill never came to a vote, it’s worth remembering how bad its supporters are, like Rep. John Shimkus who objects to having policies automatically cover prenatal care — after all men don’t need it! So apparently he lives in a world where all women are single mothers and men never have any interest in their babies? And isn’t it odd how these arguments are always about the burden on men — not say, the women whose policies cover Viagra or testicular cancer? Oh and contrary to another senator some men need mammograms.

•The last-minute Trumpcare concessions to the extreme anti-Obamacare Republicans would have required moms on Medicaid get back to work within two months of delivering the baby.

•Trumpcare may have failed but Trump can still cripple the Obamacare system.

•Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch thinks it’s perfectly justified for companies to ask women about whether they plan to have a baby, use parental leave, etc. (all of which is currently illegal) because some women are only going to work for maternity benefits (“Many women do.”). Apparently he’s fine if guys take paternity leave as he doesn’t bring that up — oh, wait, maybe it never entered his mind (I have known guys who spent way more time dealing with new baby stuff than they anticipated).

•Echidne reminds us that for many fundamentalists around the world, women’s bodies are weapons — the tools by which they outbreed the other side. And so, must be controlled for maximum productivity. Case in point, Iowa Rep. Steve King who thinks we can only keep America going by breeding more babies (no immigrants, thank you!). I have a strong suspicion he’s thinking white babies.

•Trump sends anti-feminists to represent us at a U.N. women’s group.

•A woman assaulted in a woman’s bathroom wants anti-trans groups to stop citing her for their cause — she’s not on their side and the man just snuck in, he didn’t pose as a woman.

•You may have heard about a U.S. Marine online network that shared naked photos of their female comrades. Even creepier, some of them sent out requests for photographs of specific women. Which the Marine commander brushes off as Guys Will Be Guys. As I’ve said before, nobody has more contempt for men than anti-feminists. Echidne points out that if this sort of thing discourages women from serving, sexists will argue women just don’t choose to be Marines.

•A female racing fan writes about the sexism she deals with as a female fan. For example, if you support a losing team, someone will mansplain that you made a bad choice; if you support a winning team, well you just pick them because they’re winning, which is shallow.

•Sexism in the tech industry is a feature, not a bug.

•New Hampshire Republicans rejected a proposal to raise the 14-year-old age of marriage in the state, because (they said) it would mean more babies born out of wedlock.

•United Airlines refused to let two ten-year-olds fly because they wore leggings.

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