First there’s sexism, then there’s other stuff: political links

The idea of replacing tampons with labial glue is more dumb than inherently sexist — except for the inventor’s argument that the very face women aren’t impressed shows that periods make them stupid.

•A round of applause for the teenage girl who found the clip of Milo Yiannoppoulis endorsing adult sex with “sexually mature” 13-year-olds.

•Pro footballer Jamies Winston tells fifth-grade boys they can do anything they want. Fifth-grade girls, though, should be “silent, polite, gentle.

•A look at how some online male subcultures led to their members voting for Trump.

•And then of course, there’s the lovely folks in ISIS.

•The Republicans love to talk about how they support the troops, so I’m sure they’ll fix the problems Trump’s polices are creating for military child-care, and for families of immigrants earning citizenship through armed service.

•There have not been mass sexual assaults by refugees in Germany, but a Tennessee man did plot to blow up a mosque. According to attorneys for the mosque, as he’s not a foreign extremist, his crime doesn’t legally count as terrorism.

•Utah Republican James Green says women shouldn’t be paid as much as men because that will make it harder for men to support stay-at-home wives.

•Ivanka Trump wants Congress to pass a child-care tax credit. Surprise, it will benefit upper incomes much more than the working poor.

•Uber is far from the only business accused of prioritizing male employees over women who report harassment. But that’s no excuse.

•I’ve already written about how people who seem perfectly nice can be horrible people but apparently the media hasn’t got the message. So we should feel sympathy for a Trump voter who insists he didn’t pick a side until liberals criticized him for voting Trump.  Proving again that Ta-Nehisi Coates was right: poor suffering white guys are automatically justified in their grievances, at least in the media’s eyes. More mockery of this argument from No More Mr. Nice Blog and We Hunted the Mammoth. In a related vein, Slacktivist looks at how addicted Republicans are to their outrage, and how absurd some of it is: “The wealthy deride the poor as “takers” — never quite able to explain why those “takers” don’t seem to have anything to show for it. Where is all this stuff they’ve “taken”? Well, it’s still in the hands of the wealthy. White folks indignantly explain how black folks have always had it so much easier, somehow managing to sound as though they’ve convinced themselves of this enough to actually feel near-constant anger about it. Men resent women. The rich resent the poor. Majorities resent minorities. The powerful resent the powerless.”

•Some good news: librarians are doing what they can to help immigrants. And here are 29 more pieces of good news.

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