Right-wing myths vs. reality

Women cannot fight or be heroes vs. a Nigerian hunter who tracks down Boko Haram members.

•Right-wing terrorism isn’t a threat vs. this guy and these guys.

•Republicans have nothing against women vs. shutting up Sen. Warren. At least neo-Nazis don’t even try to pretend.

•Congressional Republicans will stand up to Trump vs. blocking a resolution referencing Jewish deaths in the Holocaust.

•Republicans will give us something better than Obamacare vs. wanting to repeal ACA before coming up with a new plan, because “if we load down the repeal bill with what comes next, it’s harder to get both of them passed.”

•Taking the oil is an easy way to pay for our costs if we invade the middle east vs. the practical challenges of taking the oil.

•Trump doesn’t have to be smart because he’ll hire smart people vs. Tom Price (HHS nominee). Or Kellyann Conway.

•Republicans respect the Constitution vs. Trump who objects to an independent judiciary. Or Mike Huckabee, who thinks submitting to court rulings emasculates the Oval Office.

•People who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear vs. concealing data that might show whether companies are violating animal welfare laws.

•Republicans hate tangling business in regulation vs. Oklahoma requiring businesses post anti-abortion signs in their restrooms.

•Republicans are fighting voting fraud vs. Republicans voting to eliminate the agency that guards election tech against hacking.

•Republicans care about pregnant women and their babies vs. quit your job if your employer refuses to let you breastfeed, sit down when you’re pregnant, take extra bathroom breaks, etc.

•Sen. Paul Ryan is a principled believer in limited government, vs. Paul Ryan voted for Attorney General Jeff Sessions because Democrats said mean things about Sessions instead of saying stuff that would totally change Ryan’s mind

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