2017 began. You won’t believe what happened next! (#SFWApro)

I haven’t noticed doing clickbait post titles actually gets me more visitors, but I can dream.

This was, overall, a great start to the year.

•I redesigned this blog to show some of my books in the sidebar. Unfortunately it appears I can only do two, so I opted with my self-published stuff over Now and Then We Time Travel, as you can see. I may just keep changing them out every week. But regardless of where the images appear, you should feel free to buy all of them (all rights to cover image remain with current holder).


•I looked up how to start a Patreon. More detail if I actually set one up.

•I reread all the notes I got from my beta-readers for Southern Discomfort, and distilled everything down to specific problems/suggestions. Despite the inevitable white noise (this takes too long to get going! No, it’s just the right speed!) going over it all in one swoop (albeit a swoop stretched out over a day or two) made it much clearer where the problems/potential lie. And it got my brain starting on finding fixes for some of the bigger issues. More on that as I progress.

•I submitted my next And column, on why compromising with the anti-equality forces is always a political mistake (the ethical side I covered last column).

•I released Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast, my book on the James Bond films.

•Lorelei Signal published The Savage Year in which a Secret Service mage and Doc Savage’s daughter go up against a renegade British sorcerer (a Story Behind the Story post will follow next week). And I think it has one of the best illos I’ve ever seen grace one of my stories, courtesy of Lee Ann Barlow (all rights to the image belong to the current holder).


•I began work on a book based on my Undead Sexist Cliches blog posts. With the massive right-wing backlash against women’s rights (along with most other rights for people who aren’t straight WASP men), this seemed like a good time. It may be self-published, though I’d jump at a publisher if I can find one.

That’s pretty good, given everything I had to distract me. Wednesday, TYG came down with food poisoning and was utterly miserable. So was I, of course.  Fortunately, it cleared up and yesterday morning she headed out for a big alumni event, the same annual event that brought about our New York trip a year ago. I’m very glad she went because she’d have been kicking herself over whatever part of the plane ticket, hotel reservation, etc. she couldn’t get refunded. More importantly, she’d have been dismayed not to get to hang with all her friends — much like the Mensa national gathering, there are people she only gets to see once a year.

Of course that meant she was in a rush to pack Thursday morning (when her work schedule is normal, she packs way in advance) and I got dragged in to help, which of course threw me a little off-balance. After dropping her off, I then seized the moment to mail off copies of Now and Then We Time Travel to family, and to hit the Kroger’s nearby. They’re talking three to 10 inches of snow starting this evening (would you believe TYG told me back when we were dating that it almost never snows here? It’s snowed every year since then), so I figured getting the shopping in early couldn’t hurt. But after all that, I could not seem to get my head back in the game. And I didn’t do much better today — solo dog parenting often has that effect. So my plans to redraft Trouble and Glass didn’t get far. I did get a rough outline of the story for the next draft, and began working through it, but I’ll have to finish up next week.

Next week may be even crazier, as we have a vet appointment, a car inspection and the start of Illogicon. Plus wondering whether the snow will keep TYG from returning Sunday (they weren’t predicting this much when she left). Time will tell, as it always does.



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