North Carolina, the new Cuba (and other political links)

Republican efforts to make North Carolina a one-party state have reduced NC, as a democracy, to the level of Cuba. Which as Politico notes, is partly because of redistricting:  so many Republican seats are Democratic-proof, the only threat comes from people running (increasingly) to the right. As a result, few Republicans saw any gain in repealing the infamous HB2 ordinance (and I’m sure some of them sincerely believe in it). All they offered was a kind of HB2 light, which the Democrats rejected. Senate Republican leader Phil Berger blames them for the failure of repeal, but they made the right move. Don’t compromise, don’t vote for immoral bills as the best of a bad lot. Reject them.

•Reverend William Barber of North Carolina, one of the leaders fighting against our Cuba-style undemocracy, says what we’re witnessing with Trump’s election is a repeat of what the South did after the Civil War, when it fought to end Reconstruction and restore white dominance. So we must fight and build a Third Reconstruction against them: “We face some difficult days ahead, but don’t let anybody tell you America hasn’t seen worse. Our foremothers and fathers faced far greater odds with far fewer resources. It’s our time now. Arm in arm, we’re moving forward together, not one step back.”

•I doubt it will change hearts and minds, but the city where Vice President Elect Mike Pence is renting a home, is posting signs and rainbow flags to let him know where they stand.

•Several good links in this post from Slacktivist. Too many to tackle individually, but I will single out this interview with Barack Obama. It’s great to hear his views on where we go (or should go) from here. And I was struck by his polite response to a Latino activist who refused to shake Obama’s hand (too many deportations): I don’t imagine we’ll get that from Trump (and a lot of his supporters will cheer when he does).

•Right-bloggers are, however, freaking out that various celebrities have refused to perform at the Trump inaugural. How dare they? I think there’s truth to what Shakezula says, many of them don’t want victory but they don’t want to fight and they’re pissed when people don’t just roll over and play dead.

•The NRA has declared the media are biased for focusing on trivialities like Trunp’s sexual harassment instead of important stuff like the Second Amendment. Don’t they know dissent is treason? Which is something we’ll hear a lot in the next four years, just like we did when W was in office. And more arguments that the fascist right-wing of European politics isn’t really extreme, whereas German leader Andrea Merkel is the real fascist (because she’s a socialist, and Hitler headed the National Socialist Party, so there you are!).

•Thanks to Republicans in Congress blocking Barack Obama’s judicial appointments, Trump will get to fill a lot of federal judgeships.

•Of course it’s hard to have a functioning democracy when some Trump voters are confident he won’t slash funding for Planned Parenthood or kill Obamacare, even though he’s promised both. Heck, apparently hundreds of people are grasping at straws to explain why every source says the Sinbad movie Shazaam doesn’t exist (it doesn’t) even though they have clear memories of it.

•Trump’s transition team is looking at State Department gender-related programs, e.g., advocating for women’s rights around the world. I agree with Echidne at the link, it’s not so he can pour more money into them.

•So the Breitbart website claims a school canceled a Christmas play because a Jewish family complained (not true). It did not go well for the family.

•Debate over terrorist acts often centers on whether the terrorist was political or insane. It can be both.

•For something more upbeat, a look at how military chaplains serve across religious lines.

•I’m sure you will be shocked to learn that Republicans aren’t going to demand the shitgibbon who now leads their party balance his spending with cuts to control the deficit.

•I don’t agree with Southern Baptist Conference’s Russell Moore about much. But I give him credit for calling out Trump voters on the religious right for choosing political gains over principles.

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