You’re stark, raving mad! Goals for 2017 (#SFWApro)

For 2016, I had 55 year goals, mostly patterned on my most recent 101 in 1,001 list. I wanted to write at least 10 short stories over the 1,001 days that started 1/1/16, so my 2016 goal was to write three (I finished four). As noted yesterday, my success rate was around 54 percent. So I’m not sure upping my goals to around 80 for 2017 makes a lot of sense. But I did it anyway.

Some of the growth was because there were a couple of 101 items that I haven’t begun yet, so I might as well start. A lot of it was personal stuff, though. Sitting with the dogs all day sometimes gives me a bad case of cabin fever. As we didn’t hit Dragoncon this weekend, I haven’t had a break of more than a day since our trip to the Mensa gathering in July. Coupled with TYG’s heavy workload, watching the pups has been more exhausting than usual of late (I should make it clear, she really appreciates and is grateful for the time I put in with them).  I feel the need to counteract that by coming up with more goals that involve getting outside, even simple ones like “walk or bicycle outside every weekend.” Or go beyond my usual outside travels by finding roads or bike paths I don’t know.

I also want to get out and do more stuff with TYG. Which takes a conscious effort (hence putting it in the goals) because it’s so easy for us to stay home with the pups. However she’s got some heavy-duty time commitments in 2017, so I won’t be working on those goals until after she’s free.

On top of that, I feel a need to push or challenge myself in some new ways. Experiment with and improve my photography. Improve my inept juggling. Not that I expect to become professional-class in either, but I do enjoy trying to improve myself, particularly in areas where I don’t stand to gain anything but fun.

While it’s not exactly a goal, pushing myself is definitely part of what I want to do. Need to do. Looking at some of the goals I didn’t do last year, it’s because I just never pushed myself to do them (work backstage in one of the local theatrical productions, say). Part of that’s a variation of the cabin-fever thing: it seems so natural to stay at home and not go out, it makes it easy to just pass up alternatives. I don’t think that’s a good thing, much as I enjoy the house, the pups and TYG. Even when I put stuff on my goals list, I don’t make any effort to actually do it. Possibly I don’t really want to and I’m fooling myself, but more likely it’s inertia. So this year, I push to change that.

My two most ambitious goals? To bicycle to the Raleigh trail-head, one of those I failed to push for in 2016 (as noted yesterday). And to finish Southern Discomfort. I’m not a fast writer, so the latter will take work. And bicycling will require getting out on my bike regularly so I can build up the stamina for a 28-mile trip. Next would come finishing six shorts this year; that’s more ambitious than last year, and I’m not sure I’m a fast enough writer, but we’ll find out.

trixie big eyes(See? Trixie may be a lot of work at times, but she’s worth it. Photo is mine, rights to photo are mine, please credit me if you want to use it).

I’ve also got a fairly ambitious list of goals for January — like most people, my determination is strong in the New Year — which given TYG’s schedule and other distractions (I may have jury duty) may be foolishly optimistic. Or as the post title suggests, barking mad. We’ll see as the month unfolds.

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