A thought for 2017

Once again, from a blog comment on this Slacktivist post:  “2016 sucked. The question is, ‘what are we going to do about it?’ Do we give in to despair, or do we act to make 2017 better? As a neo-Pagan who’s religious practice sometimes involves magic I suggest that everyone who has a paper 2016 calendar to burn it just before midnight. Then set off fireworks (if legal in your area) , bang on pots and pans, ring bells and do everything you can to *banish* this sick, horrible, pathetic fuck of a year. Then, work on making 2017 awesome. Make it a year of action and intent. Love yourself and the people around you. Take care of your body, cook and/or eat food that is good for you. Do things that feed your soul, whether that is crafts or gardening or books or video games or hiking. Love your self and the people around you. Give to charities, support the Patreons of the artists who’s work you love, give a handful of change to the homeless person on the street corner who might be Hermes or an angel or Lord Shiva in disguise, and is certainly a fellow human being. Love yourself and the people around you. Write or call your members of Congress. vote in every election, because it matters who is on the city council and the school board. Be patient in the check-out line. Be polite to the servers at restaurants, the baristas at your coffee shop, the clerks at the store. Shop local, and if you can’t shop local, try to spend your money in a local brick and mortar store. Love yourself and the people around you. Love fiercely and fearlessly and completely. Love like a lion protecting her cubs, love like a butch lesbian, circa 1956, walking down the street, arm in arm with her femme girlfriend, love like a femme lesbian, circa 2016, holding the hand of her butch wife as she lays dying in a hospital room, love like two friends arguing about which is the cooler droid: BB8 vs. K-2SO, love like a toddler tasting ice cream for the first time. Love yourself and the people around you. Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

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