Ending the year with Bond (#SFWApro)

So after taking Monday off, I started Tuesday with one primary mission left for the year: finish up the manuscript of Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast. Today I completed a final readthrough, and I was right to make it. Once again I found several errors — nothing factual, just sloppy writing, repeating a description in two successive sentences, that sort of thing. And I rewatched part of Moonraker after my friend Ross pointed out a detail I’d missed (he was quite right. I adjusted the text accordingly).

I then hunted a cover photo and found one, an image of Sean Connery as Bond. Finally, today I decided there were no miracle insights going to come to me at the last minute (though I had a few good thoughts while perusing the final draft, and incorporated them). I began the uploading process at Draft2Digital, and it’s way easier than Smashwords (which I used for Philosophy and Fairytales). However when I got to the proofing process, I discovered I couldn’t make the .mobi file appear on my phone’s Kindle app. So I will have to figure that out before we go live (I’ll have TYG try it on her kindle and if that objects too, I’ll see if the D2D people can explain where I’m screwing up).

That work aside, I was pretty laid-back. I did some research reading for Southern Discomfort (very productive), cleared off some bookmarks, worked out plans for the coming year and month. I started looking at how to redesign my WP page: having gone to the effort of writing Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast, I’d like to show it a little more prominently on the blog.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, except for having my copies of Now and Then We Time Travel arrive yesterday, woot! Still feels very good.

This weekend I’ll be doing year-in-review/year-ahead posts instead of reviews. In case anyone cars.

And Happy New Year. Hopefully 2017 won’t be another celebrity die-off year. In light of which, I’ll post the following image (all rights to image and component images reside with current holders). After General Organa’s death this week (and her mother, to boot—I’m old enough to miss Debbie Reynolds too), it made me smile a little.


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