Political links unrelated to Trump? Amazing!

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court believe the U.S. military has tortured at least 61 people in Afghanistan, with the CIA adding more victims on top of that. The incidents occurred during 2003-4, and would count as war crimes.

•So would Syrian and Russian attacks on civilians in Aleppo.

•JP Morgan is paying $264 million to settle charges it bought off government officials by hiring their friends and family.

•When iCloud is turned on, the iPhone sends all your call records to Apple.

•A bill currently sitting in Congress would ban the federal government from taking action against anyone who denies service to gays based on either religious belief of “moral conviction.” And apparently (judging from the text) would allow them to also deny service based on a belief/conviction that sex should be reserved for marriage. So apparently if someone wants to fire a woman for having sex before marriage, that would be a-okay.

•On the plus side, a bill banning gag clauses — contractual fine print that says you can’t criticize the company, even if your criticisms are true — has gone before Obama.

•Another case or right-wing terrorism. Here’s one from England.

•No, Hitler was not a vegetarian.

•Gringa of the Barrio looks at her family’s history of KKK membership.

•A new rule change gives the government lots more power to hack into people’s computers. The Senate tried unsuccessfully to block it.

•Right-wing preacher John Piper blames a miscarriage on the father’s interest in porn. Slacktivist says right-wing evangelicals can’t allow themselves to understand miscarriage. Because if you believe that a fetus is ensouled from the moment of conception, that means most of the people in the afterlife were never born.

•Chicago is suffering a massive shortage of health inspectors for restaurants.

•Baylor U athletic director Ian McCaw has been accused of covering up gang rape allegations involving the football team. Liberty University (a right-wing Christian flagship) doesn’t see that as an issue: they’ve hired him to “develop champions for Christ.”

•Remember Mike Pence’s rule in Ohio requiring aborted fetuses be buried or cremated? Now it’s Texas. And the Church of Satan is against it on the grounds burial decision are a religious matter. Meanwhile Utah pushes a bill that claims (with no scientific benefit) women can reverse the morning-after pill and stay pregnant.

•Alabama’s top officials are mired in scandal.

•The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has run into trouble over its legal structure (one commissioner, who can’t be summarily removed by the president). Some congressmen are coming out in support of the CFPB.

•The Associated Press says if reporters use the term alt-right, they should clarify it’s a euphemism for white supremacy.

Android malware has taken over more than 1 million Google accounts.

•Here’s a very SF idea: some local governments in China are giving people a “credit score” based on their lives — rules broken, neglecting parents, saying things online the government disagrees with.

•A right-winger claims that because the big fire in Tennessee only threatens red state areas, the media are ignoring it. He’s wrong.

•So Google fiber is coming to Nashville using the regular cable/phone poles. That required a city ordinance change, which led to Comcast suing to stop the change. The city is suing back.

•Dallas has a $3 million fund for incentivizing supermarkets that move into the city’s food deserts. It’s not helping.

•Product disparagement laws allow the food industry to sue if someone says bad things about their products. Olive oil, for example, is suing Dr. Oz.

•Wells Fargo customers can’t sue if the bank opened fake accounts in their name because their contracts impose binding arbitration instead. A new bill would change that.

•Fidel Castro is dead. His legacy of repressive laws lives on.

•An Asian-American author’s new book says no, the US did not become more tolerant of Asians because they’re a model minority.

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