Almost two weeks since Trump day …

I’m not as wretched as I felt Nov. 9, but I still have bursts of Freak Out at the thought of what may be ahead. I’m particularly shaken by stories of petty spite like a man who punched a woman in the face for being upset about the election. Not that it’s the worst we’re going to see, but there’s something that unsettles me more than the big scary stuff at the national level. Though that’s bad too, like sexist, racist right-winger Steve Bannon as chief Trump strategist (Mother Jones has more). That shakes me too. As does the damage an all-Republican government will do to the environment.

•Kellyanne Conway of the Trump campaign says it’s Trump and Clinton’s responsibility to stop anti-Trump protests. No suggestion Trump should calm anyone, not that he would anyway.

•Jim Hines points out that if Trump supporters resent being called racist, there’s a simple way to prove they’re not: speak up about the racism.

•Scott Lemieux looks at how Trump’s racism rarely held the media’s attention. A Vox article says the media statistics confirm that. Hullabaloo looks at how false news reaches people via Facebook.

•It looks like some Trump voters were Obama voters. Jamelle Bouie says that doesn’t prove they weren’t racist — in 2008 and 2012 they didn’t receive a racist candidate.

•Roy Edroso watches right-wingers come around to supporting Trump. Case in point, Megan McArdle is calling on us to come together for the greater good and not demonize people who accept positions in the Trump administration (given he’s recruiting people like Bannon, I don’t think tarnishing good people is the big issue). Eliot Cohen, a conservative Never Trumper, says however that after encouraging conservatives to sign on with Trump if asked, he’s looked at Bannon and others in Trump’s circle and now says stay away.

•Another Edroso piece looks at the sea change in more detail — including that just as in 2000, some right-wingers are trying to rationalize that Trump really won the popular vote. Here are some examples, as right-wingers explain Bannon’s not so bad.

•Blaming “political correctness” for Trump is like blaming civil rights for Jim Crow.

•Is Paul Ryan really willing to destroy Medicare?

•A black blogger vents and explains why she needs to vent with other black people for a while.

•Amanda Marcotte looks at the white male anger of Trump supporters.

•The ever-repellent Federalist declares that white people will no longer submit to their black oppressors.

•Speaking of fake news sites (we’re now away from the electoral topic) one guy who created some to promote his phony health product must pay $30 million to his customers.

•Frustrated with Uber’s email customer service, a woman drives to their office — without much better luck.

•A TV station reports that Office Depot employees sometimes identify non-existent malware to sell customers on a virus-protection program.

•Charter/Time Warner insists that charging fees that it doesn’t include in the monthly price it promotes helps make bills easy to understand.


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2 responses to “Almost two weeks since Trump day …

  1. Every day the Trump team gives us something new to worry about. It wouldn’t concern me as much if the Senate and House were under Democrat control. As it is now, it looks like no one is going to rein Trump in, and Congress will take advantage of the leadership void in the White House to enact their own wish list.

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