A little less formless (#SFWApro)

A much better week than last.

Part of that is that I’m feeling much less freaked out over the election. Not that I’m any less worried about the USA, or its people, or that I’m normalizing Trump in my head (“All these racists in the cabinet? What can you expect, it’s the Donald.”), but that I can only dread for so long. And dread neither fixes the problem nor improves my life (no offense intended to anyone who’s still freaked out).

Another part is that I got past the stage where none of my stories are working (as was the case last week). Specifically:

Let No Man Put Asunder is a 1980s manuscript I’m now rewriting, hamstrung by having lost most of the manuscript somewhere in my moves of the previous decade. For a while now I’ve been trying to replot it, but this week I realized that’s silly. I know the plot already — of all my early manuscripts this is the one I think I loved best, and I haven’t forgotten it — so why not just forge ahead and rewrite?

Of course it’s not an exact copy so it’s no surprise (at least to me) that after a chapter and a half, I ran into a plot problem — how exactly does the high-tech barbarian thief Renador rescue one of my protagonists, Adrienne? I know he managed it before … but for the life of me I don’t recollect how. But I’ll think of something, somehow, and then onward!

A bigger problem is that the book is written in alternating first person, Adrienne/Neil, and current Neil’s taking up much more of the word count (that definitely wasn’t the case before). Rewriting some sections from Neil’s voice into Adrienne’s is going to be a pain in the butt, but I think I’ll have to eventually (and possibly vice versa). Still it feels really good to be writing this again.

Brain From Outer Space finally has (I think) a working outline. My last finished draft had multiple plotlines and a big, sprawling cast. Rewriting that wasn’t getting anywhere. So I went back and focused only on the Steve/Gwen/Dani plotline and I actually got an outline that looks like it might be workable. I’m going to put in a lot more work before I’m convinced of that (and probably working in some added subplots with the other characters) but I feel more optimistic than I have in ages.

Of the two, Asunder is definitely the higher priority.

•I thought I’d finish the final draft of Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast this week but unsurprisingly it’s a little slower than I wanted. I still expect to have it out by the end of the month (providing I can find a cover image, but I’m working on that).

Actually getting stuff done, I’ll note, helps a lot with the election-related stress.

Plushie has continued staking out my lap as his new base of operations. I can discourage him if I really want to, but I’m too soft (and he’s just too cuddly) to do it all the time. Here you can see what working on the computer while accommodating both dogs looks like (I’m not in pain, that’s my I’m Being Photographed grimace). Photo is TYG’s.


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