Ann Coulter is right about something? It must be the end times!

Right-winger Ann Coulter is a bullshit artist who once claimed that every person freed through DNA evidence was guilty but gotten off by a liberal-media conspiracy (no she didn’t explain how the media pulled that off). She’s racist, sexist (she says women shouldn’t have the vote) and anti-Semitic, rejects evolution and once said that she’d be fine with Timothy McVeigh if he’d only blown up the New York Times instead of the Murrah Building. Unsurprisingly, she adores Trump, as hating immigrants is her current fixation, following on previous phases as a religious conservative and being a general failure as a decent human being (okay, she’s still doing that). For some samples of her work, check Media Matters.

So it’s rather annoying I have to agree with a recent post that no, it is not okay to call her a C-word (even though she has no problems deploying the p-word as an insult)

Which was, apparently, tossed around at a celebrity roast she attended (she was not the roastee). For the life of me, I can’t see why—this was supposed to be a humor event, but saying the word isn’t funny, just shocking. In her post, Coulter doesn’t actually object to it; the point is that if guys can use that word, why can’t Trump use the p-word (Coulter, never one to be restrained by facts, writes as if it’s only the words, not the harassment)? Besides, it’s eleven years ago, that doesn’t count!

So maybe she didn’t mind but it’s one more useful club to pretend the real issue is hypocrisy, not Trump. But that’s irrelevant. As I’ve observed before, sexism against conservative women isn’t an improvement on sexism against women in general. It shouldn’t be acceptable to hit any woman with the C-word; when it happens it’s bad for all woman and it’s unfair to the woman on the receiving end. Even when she’s Coulter.

And seriously, when your politics are as vile as hers, do we really need slurs? She’s repulsive even when described in neutral gender-free tones.

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