I am completely stunned (not) that Donald Trump has a double standard

For all Trump’s protests about illegal immigrants, Mother Jones reports his modeling agency employed them constantly (and ripped them off). I doubt this will affect his voters at all, any more than W joining the National Guard to avoid the draft offended Republicans I know who swore how they couldn’t stomach draft-dodgers like Clinton.

•Likewise the press seems to apply a double standard, playing up Clinton actions that Look Suspicious but ignoring Trump (in the case at the link, giving to Pam Bondi’s Florida AG campaign; Bondi later declined to pursue a case against Trump University).

•Wow. The Trump campaign was so nervous about an outreach-to-black-America appearance at a black church that they switched it to a private one-on-one meeting with the pastor. And demanded questions in advance (which isn’t unusual) and wrote the answers in advance (which is). Sample answers: “If we are to make America great again, we must reduce, rather than highlight, issues of race in this country” and “I want to make race disappear as a factor in government and governance.” Which I presume means eliminating any and all programs that benefit blacks and other minorities, look at voter suppression or housing discrimination—on the time-honored right-wing ground that as they’re the ones who don’t want to talk about race, the liberals must be the real racists.

•Trump has a record of stiffing contractors who work for him. That includes campaign staffers.

•You may have heard about the recent online eruption over an article explaining how to talk to women wearing headphones. Some people I know didn’t believe the article was for real but I’ve no doubts — variations of don’t take no for an answer are a staple of male dating-advice books.  The Guardian explains why the original article’s advice was idiotic.

•Jim Hines writes about sexual harassment. People freak out.

•Lovely. George W. Bush’s administration gave the Supreme Court inaccurate information to justify its detention policies for illegal immigrants with criminal records, asserting detention typically only lasted a few months (more like a year).

•The fact we ship so many goods from overseas can be a huge problem when a major shipper goes bankrupt. It’s even worse for the ship crews. Erik Hare, however, argues the impact is exaggerated.

•There’s a National Tracing Center for guns, but the gun lobby won’t let it computerize.

•Uber made millions charging customers a safe ride fee (supposedly for instituting safer practices such as driver education and identification). A lawsuit over the fee netted a $28.5 million settlement offer but the judge says that’s not enough.

•Conservatives celebrate Labor Day by dumping on labor and unions. Speaking of which, a lawyer recommends businesses force employees into arbitration over wage disputes rather than go to court because arbitrators will side with the business.

•Given some of the shady behavior in the financial crash of eight years ago, how come nobody was charged, let alone tried, for their action? For that matter reading about Wells Fargo employees opening thousands of unwanted accounts and cards for customers (adding on services made their higher-ups happy), how is it nobody’s facing criminal charges?

•Pundit Peggy Noonan joins the camp arguing that Trump may be incompetent but he’s more fun than Clinton. Pundit Rod Dreher freaks out about Brown University providing free tampons in bathrooms including male (for transgender students) and declares it’s “virtue signalling” — whereas a kid in Russia getting five years for playing Pokemon Go in a church is cool because Russia’s defending its “sacred spaces” (even though he simultaneously says it’s too harsh) and the atheist Soviet government has killed lots of Russians. So there you are … somewhere.

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