Trigger warnings, Trump and other political links

So the University of Chicago’s dean sent out a letter to incoming students warning them they will not get trigger warnings or safe spaces at a tough, demanding school like U of C. John Scalzi sees this as a wake-up call for students to let them know they won’t be cossetted. Brad deLong sees it as a reassuring message to parents, assuring the Fox News followers their kids are attending a no-nonsense conservative school. The Daily Beast sees it as reassurance to conservative donors that they’re giving money to a school that doesn’t truck with that newfangled liberalism. PZ Myers says trigger warnings and safe spaces, shouldn’t be controversial. More from LGM.

•Twenty years ago, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway showed her political smarts by discussing how Gen X voters would totally love dynamic young Repub politicians like Dan Quayle in contrast to stuffy old Al Gore (as noted in comments, Quayle was actually older than Gore). Keep that in mind when you hear Conway claim women will vote Trump. And then there’s Trump’s plan to win over blacks—have police get tougher on black crime.

•Small sellers on Amazon says the company is too willing to suspend them when customers complain.

•The Republican plan for a Clinton presidency is the same it’s been since Obama took office: obstruct everything.

•The backstory on the Takata airbag recall.

•The “Nice Guy” is the not-so-nice guy who offers kindness and friendship to get sex. A woman writes about being a similar “nice girl

•An Islamic cleric in Russia (with support of an Russian Orthodox leader) says women should all undergo female genital mutilation to keep them chaste.

•Several French municipalities have banned the burkini, an Islamic swimsuit. Katha Pollitt argues this is a bad idea.

•Congress is looking at a uniform method for states to collect online sales tax.

•A Georgia county is concerned it can’t legally block a mosque from opening so it’s passed a temporary moratorium on any faith building new houses of worship.

•Trump has been pushing the idea that white Americans are having their country stolen well before his presidential campaign.

•There’s such a glut of stolen credit-card data, hackers are now shooting for a new target, mobile banking data.

•United Airlines has updated its login protections but it may be a bad solution.

•Erik Loomis argues that North Carolina’s HB2 embodies a conservative strategy of squishing local government with state laws.

•Massachusetts teen Dave Becker raped two unconscious women. The judge gave him probation for two years so as not to ruin his life. Because the guy’s life is what’s important right?

•Secretary used to be a decent job for a woman, but like so many other fields, it’s fading away.

•Don’t blame the airline if your flight is miserable. Blame yourself for not being a team player.

•Here’s a wild idea: debt collectors must have evidence you owe the debt before they pursue you.

•Aww, the petsitter who sued a couple for their negative Yelp review lost the case.

•Samantha Field responds to the “American women have it so good, feminism is unnecessary” argument by detailing how it’s bullshit.

•Obama continues to make good use of his final year, for example by commuting sentences of nonviolent drug offenders. He’s provided clemency to more prisoners than the previous ten presidents.

•A Trumpie suggests we ban welfare recipients from voting—including women who get birth control through Obamacare. Like a lot of people he seems convinced that insurance coverage = free for the women. On the plus side, better birth control (as noted at the link) is going a long way to reducing out-of-wedlock teen births.

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