Remember, remember the third of September … no, that’s wrong (#SFWApro)

nichols2Normally I’d be posting from DragonCon (where last year TYG and I got the photo with Nichelle Nichols, left) but our scheduling didn’t work out. So this week and next will be pretty much as usual.

Despite taking Wednesday off, I had a productive week. The biggest accomplishment being that I finished the latest draft of Southern Discomforts and I don’t feel any of the qualms I had with previous drafts—it’s far from finished but it holds together. Next up, I spend this month polishing it, then put it up for beta readers in the writing group. I’m tentatively confident I can get it finished by the end of next year for submittal in January 2018.  We’ll see.

The biggest surprise was that while I had doubts about the personal arc I charted for one of the supporting characters, my brain keeps defaulting to it. So unless I get contrary feedback during beta, I’ll stick with it.

•I did another draft of Making a Famine Where Abundance Lies and I think it’s as good as I’m going to get without beta-reading. So that’s next.

•I also completed a draft of Oh the Places You’ll Go. Though it’s not as far along, it is showing steady progress.

•I got a little further along on Farewell my Deadly, though not as far as I’d hoped. But I have a better idea of the characters and where the story is going, much better than I normally do for a first draft.

•My work on Good Morning Starshine really crawled (which cut into my Farewell my Deadly writing time). Although the previous draft was pretty good (for a second draft) some of the changes I’ve made are forcing further changes, of course. For example, my protagonist, Brian, is now a rather self-serving management type rather than military security; that’s the right call for the story, but it limits the way he’s going to act and the authority he has.

•I resumed replotting Brain From Outer Space for the first time in several months. To my surprise, it went a lot better. Perhaps the story’s not dead yet. I also read over what I have for Let No Man Put Asunder and that was in worse shape than I remembered. Those are both second-tier projects at the moment—we’ll see how they go as I keep chipping away at them.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend without too much actual labor. Back tomorrow with reviews.

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