Blood and souls for Arioch—wait, it was just blood for the Red Cross, sorry (#SFWApro)

Yes, I gave blood today. Atypically, it wiped me out. This may tie in with having walked both dogs separately before I went down, and it was humid and hot this morning after several nice days. And I didn’t do any extra hydration, so that may be all it took. Plus the Plush One decided to demand attention after I got back, so my work today ended up being research reading (my last-ditch solution when I can’t focus on anything else). And eventually I got too wiped/distracted to focus even that much, so I’m just writing today off as a sick day.

painting2(No, giving blood wasn’t this bad. Hung Liu’s Dr. Norman Bethune from when it was at the North Carolina Museum of Art. All rights to image to current holder).

Despite that, the week went well. The high point was that I finished the plot arc of Southern Discomforts. I still have to finish off the character arcs but I knew there’d be a lot of that to do after the final battle went down. I know how most of this plays out, but actually getting it to the page will take work. With any luck, though, I’ll wrap up this draft before the end of the month.

I rewrote Oh the Places You’ll Go! and started to get a handle on the problems. The main one being it’s a character story but I don’t have enough character conflict or arc. I think I see how to fix that though.

And I have the text of Martinis, Girls and Guns written through Casino Royale (the Craig version). Though I’m seeing things I can add that will make it more valuable. Part of what interests me about the series is how it’s survived so many cultural changes, so emphasizing the real-world culturaul and political backdrop at the time they were made is a big part of it. But I think I can do more.

I also started a new short story, a pulp detective thriller (with magic and a female lead) I’m tentatively calling Farewell my Deadly but I don’t care for the title. I think it looks like a strong one—I’ve already got a clear idea of the protagonists—but I ran out of actual plot after a couple of thousand words. Hopefully more will come to me soon.

Oh, and one important thing, I’d learned of a film and a TV show that really belonged in the appendix of Now and Then We Time Travel, so I emailed McFarland and they’ll be able to put them (it’ll be much easier than doing when I get galleys). They both came out before my March 31st cutoff for coverage, so I’m glad to have them in.

And I’m confident my energy will return by tomorrow.

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