Ambushed by a/c, ravaged by roofers (#SFWApro)

herohire006Yes it’s one of those weeks where the hits came on coming (cover by Billy Graham, all rights to current holder)—I’m surprised I got as much done as I did.

Monday morning I woke up very early feeling hot and uncomfortable, which turned out to be because our a.c. was down. The repair people didn’t get it fixed until early afternoon but despite the sweltering heat outside, the pups and I weren’t too uncomfortable with the ceiling fans going full blast. Still I was pretty groggy, and the contractor’s arrival freaked the dogs out. So did the guy finishing up the repairs on our shed roof. And Plush Dog, it seems, has decided that my lap is now his safe space, so when it all got too much for him, he climbed aboard. While Trixie does that too, I can usually work her around the lap desk. Plushie’s too big, and much more persistent if I deflect him from the lap.

So the upshot was, I threw in the towel, kicked back and watched movies the rest of the afternoon. But I made up the hours later in the week.

Thursday, due to some possible canine pneumonia at the doggy day care, Trixie and Plushie stayed home, so I didn’t get the pleasure of my usual day without dogs. TYG stayed home as much as possible, which helped some, but it wasn’t as productive as usual.

So what did get done?

•I rewrote A Famine Where Abundance Lies, and I think it’s as good as I can get it without the writing group’s feedback. The tale has really come a long way.

Oh the Places You’ll Go is a lot further from the finish line, but it’s progressing steadily.

•I rewrote an older tale, Mage’s Masquerade, but it’s a lot worse off. My female lead’s motives still don’t work, and the big action climax is awkward. It’s fixable but it’ll take a lot of effort.

•I’ve finished the Moore and Dalton Bond eras in the text of Martinis, Girls and Guns.

•I got another couple of thousand words done on Good Morning Starshine.

•The biggest disappointment was that I only got a couple of thousand words done on Southern Discomfort. However, given that it’s all new material, which is tough even on a rewrite, that’s really not that bad. And I cleaned up a lot of the first few thousand words.

Not stellar, and the tasks took longer than they should have, but I’m willing to count this week as a win.

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