Republicans and white supremacy, plus other political links

I’ve already written about the delusion liberals created Trump. Astonishingly instead of admitting I’ve conclusively settled the question, some conservatives keep insisting we did (because we failed to be nice to conservative white people—admittedly an argument I’ve heard on the left too). By contrast, Avik Roy looks at how the GOP has been siding with resentful whites for years and ignoring minority issues (“If you’re a white gun owner, I get it: you’re legitimately concerned that Hillary Clinton will appoint a liberal to the Supreme Court and gut the Second Amendment. But if you’re a black gun owner, you’re legitimately concerned that a President Donald Trump will put your life in danger, because Trump will be inclined to side with cops in every dispute between them and you.”). And as Digby points out, many right-wingers think the black gun owner has it coming (see here too). Although FAIR catches multiple media reports that show Donald Trump is really like some foreign person, not American at all.

Plus we get Megan McArdle arguing that Democrats are just as extreme as Trump on immigration, only in a different way.

•Speaking of race, North Carolina legislatures specifically cited black early voting as a reason to cut back early voting, one of the things which led to a court striking down my state’s new voter-ID laws (the court also found that the emphasis on using a driver’s license was because a lot of black voters don’t have one).

•I’ve written before about the bullshit claim that prosecuting rape is an attack on men. Now some accused college rapists (and some who’ve been cleared by the school) are trying to make it legal, charging that rape investigations discriminate against men, which is illegal. One Vassar student, for example, claims that the fact more men get charged with sexual assault shows a clear bias in the system.

•Trump’s son has weighed on on what he and his father would think if Malinka Trump were sexually harassed: She should a)get a new job and b)she’s so strong it wouldn’t happen.

Mindless ranting from “men going their own way.”

•Comcast argues that an FCC proposal making it harder for Internet and cable providers to use customers’ private data is bad for customers

•As I’ve mentioned before, the sovereign citizens movement, which rejects federal authority, has been tied to more murders than Black Lives Matter, but without drawing the same outrage. David Neiwert looks at the body count.

•A judge says Uber’s contract clause requiring customers go to arbitration instead of suing doesn’t stop customers suing.

•Alabama regulators want craft brewers to keep track of the data (name, address, phone) of anyone buying beer from them.

•Muslim passengers claim they were removed from plane flights because the flight attendants were uncomfortable. For example one passenger said Allah!

•I’m not surprised that Asatru followers (worshippers of the Norse gods), like other religions are prone to argue the gods support their politics.

•Surveillance technology, a popular American export. And apparently it may even be possible to track us digitally by our walking.

•A Georgia resident who filmed up a woman’s skirt without her knowledge can’t be convicted under state privacy laws.

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