This column is huuuge! Trump and convention-related links.

Given Trump’s enthusiasm for punishing and intimidating his critics and opponents — like getting a security analyst fired for correctly predicting one Trump casino would flop — President Trump’s Justice Department could be a scary thing. However a legal blogger argues the best bet is for principled attorneys (and other members of the bureaucracy) to stand their ground.

•So is Trump’s talk about not protecting the Baltic states from Russia related to his financial ties to Russia’s wealthy and well-connected? As someone who thinks our constant worries about Russia are a leftover of the Cold War, it’s annoying Trump can even make peace with Russia look bad.

•So after Bill Clinton preaches Hilary’s virtues to the DNC, the right-wing punditry reacts by asking who could possibly want to hear stories about her? As noted at the link, if Clinton hadn’t said anything, they’d be discussing how that just proves their marriage is a sham.

•Bill O’Reilly protests Michelle Obama’s reference to slaves building the White House: they were well-treated slaves, dammit!

•Julian Assange of Wikileaks argues that Trump is preferable to Clinton because Trump is unpredictable. Scott Lemieux points out at the link that Trump’s quite predictable and not in a good way.

•Trump encourages Russia to hack the Democrats emails. I look forward to the huge right-wing outcry over a US presidential candidate colluding with a foreign power …oh, who am I kidding?

•Considering the GOP has been hitting the racial dog-whistles for years, I find the idea Trump is a radical break from party tradition dubious; as countless critics have said, he’s just more open about it. Likewise, while saying gays should be safe from Islamic terrorism is better than some conservatives, it’s hardly redirecting the party (whose platform calls for overturning the Obergefell gay marriage decision) towards inclusion.

•” “the only thing left was running for President. If he could run for emperor of the world, he would.”—Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter of Trump’s The Art of the Deal, in an interview.

•Remember how Trump is supposed to be able to take it as well as dish it out? Now he’s whining about how mean the Democratic convention was to him.

•The North Carolina GOP (of course, it would be my state) blasts Tim Kaine for wearing a foreign flag on his lapel. But it’s actually a Blue Star flag signifying he has family in the military (the party did apologize).

•Scott Adams of Dilbert claims that by celebrating women, the DNC lowers men’s testosterone and makes them miserable, which they’ll blame on Clinton. Given his views on gender, including that banning rape is like banning lions eating zebras, I’m not that surprised (as We hunted the Mammoth puts it at the first link, he’s turning into a living Men’s Rights subreddit comment.


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2 responses to “This column is huuuge! Trump and convention-related links.

  1. Hi Sherman, that’s pretty messed up about Dilbert’s comments!

  2. No argument here. He’s repellently sexist.

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