Undead Sexist Cliches: Slutty Girls Are Destroying Civilization (Again)

This was the first undead sexist cliche I ever wrote about, the belief that men only achieve things so they can get laid. As women in the modern age are giving it away without waiting for a man who can offer financial support, men have no reason to accomplish anything, so civilization is doomed. And so are women because no man will buy the cow if he can get the milk free.

Astonishingly, my exposing this as a bullshit cliche did not immediately prompt conservatives to give up and stop using it. Case in point,  Amy Otto of the Federalist who explains that easy sex and the availability of Internet porn give men no reason to do anything. Including the standard argument that women lose because they no longer control the rules of the game. Okay, not so standard because Otto’s babble includes “[Women] held a majority of the cards in sexual relationships and, facing a royal flush, decided to fold.” I’m not sure what she meant to say or if she’s just clueless about poker but folding against a royal flush is the best move you can make. Nothing beats a royal flush.

800px-Royal_flush(Credit for image to David Castor via wikimedia commons)

Equally illogical, she argues that the peak of creativity for inventors and engineers used to be in their twenties; now it’s people in their fifties and sixties. Evidence this is because young men are too busy partying and never get around to creating anything? None offered in the article she links to. Perhaps it’s that seniors currently have more time, or we have a larger crop of seniors than before, or young people are too busy coping with college debt to risk a product that may not pay off (as noted at the link most inventions don’t). Or (as suggested here), that with today’s tech, you need more money and expertise to advance on what’s already out there.

Otto goes on to claim that “Women used to set the cultural standards and parameters for intimate activity. Now often the guys wield more power over sex and the girls are working way too hard, way too soon, for no reciprocity.” That would explain why a hundred years ago women could take as many partners as they wanted while men who slept around were tarred as “tramps” and treated like dirt. Oh, wait, history was nothing like that. A male-dominated patriarchal system has always set the standards: pushing women to marry early (still held up as the ideal by multiple conservatives), restricting their options if they didn’t marry, hand-waving rape cases away.

Of course the Federalist is the magazine that told us Paul Ryan’s beard proves feminism has failed, and the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey proves feminism has failed. I have a strange feeling their concern for women’s happiness is …. bullshit.

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