Do the most that you can in the time that you have (#SFWApro)

Title being part of a quote from the Albert Finney musical Scrooge: “You must do the most that you can in the time that you have—because life is short, and suddenly you’re not there any more.”

Which is sometimes a scary thought, but right now, it’s an oddly encouraging one for me. Because at the moment, with the Demand Media work I used to spend half my days on done—to say nothing of being mostly done with Now and Then We Time Travel—I have a lot of time. This occurred to me while writing last Friday’s week in review post, because even with all the stress and angst of Plush Dog’s added crate rest, I did what I’d have considered a full week of work six years ago, back before I moved up here. So how much can I do if I really put my full 40 hours to use?

The thought is energizing. And a great incentive to push myself harder. Write more. Finish projects faster. Produce, produce, produce.

All of which may turn out to be a mirage. Sometimes I make big ambitious plans and then burn out by trying to achieve superhuman performance he first week. Sometimes I find that after X hours on whatever project I’m working on, my brain just runs down. Sometimes if I’ve been really disciplined for a good long time, I really, really need to blow off some of my work time. Any of these things could put the kibosh on my plans.

Yesterday, for example, I worked on Southern Discomfort fervently. When I reached a stopping point and tried to rethink one of my short stories before starting a new draft, my mind pretty much froze. And when I put in a couple of hours that evening, I was still a little unfocused.

But if I’ve made it this far, maybe I can override my resistance. Or shift my schedule around to avoid the tired bits. Or something. I’m hopeful I’ll figure it out.

To celebrate my feeling of hope, here’s a bonus photograph of Trixie curled into a ball. trixie ball

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