Links related to the Orlando shooting, and more

Think the Orlando assault had anything to do with hating gays? Nope, say various conservatives, it’s all about Islam—so if you bring up gays, you’re attacking principled conservatives!

•Speaking of which, some people think a Muslim shooting gays is a wonderful thing. Although contrary to the article’s title, I doubt this is “all the people” celebrating 50 dead gays

•Right-wing radio host Rick Wiles thinks Orlando shows we need Muslim control, not gun control — as in, make Islam illegal — and that Obama is an Islamic militant sleeper agent.

•Obama has proposed that anyone on the federal no-fly list can’t own automatic weapons. Conservatives who used to love the no-fly restriction suddenly discover they hate it. I actually agree this is a bad approach because the list seems to be bullshit, and it’s next to impossible to get off it once you’re on it (unless that’s changed the past few years, and I don’t believe it has).  But I’ve always opposed the list—what’s their excuse?

•The “Patriot Movement” which believes federal officials who don’t meet its concept of constitutional government should be killed, has a number of ties to Trump’s campaign. And if he gets elected, they’ll undoubtedly stop shrieking about unconstitutional government—as noted at the link, they were perfectly happy under W despite the federal overreach of enemy-combatant status, the Patriot Act, ex. Put a black Democrat in office, everything changed; with Clinton, it’ll be even worse.

•Back in the 1990s, a number of people went to jail on trumped-up charges of being Satanic child-abusers. There are still plenty of believers in “Satanic ritual abuse.

•A senator argues Walmart saves security costs by cutting security staff and relying on cops, so the money comes from the taxpayers.

•An Uber-employed investigator allegedly posed as a reporter to dig up dirt on a plaintiff suing Uber.

•Samantha Field argues that when Christians sin, the Christian goal should be making things right, not defending a fellow church-goer from criticism: forgiveness matters, but so does justice. This reminds me of a number of things, such as claims a Christian newspaper shouldn’t run an expose on fake Satanist Mike Warnke. Or that for all their talk of forgiveness, conservative Christians never forgave Clinton for his adultery, even though he’s a)a lifelong churchgoer; b)publicly acknowledged his sin and asked for forgiveness. But he committed the cardinal sin of not being Republican, so there you are (these points are mine—I don’t know that Field would agree with them).

•Apparently even a multi-billion dollar endowment won’t stop schools from slashing staff and boosting tuition. More generally, running colleges like businesses is a bad idea.

•Oklahoma cops are now using card readers that can freeze money on prepaid debit cards or transfer the money to the cops. They’ve insisted this will not be abused to take money without evidence it’s tainted digital cash. If it is abused I will be completely unshocked (see links near the bottom of this post).

•Honor killings are on the rise in Pakistan. I was particularly struck by the information that as a murderer can get off if the family forgives him, if the family is behind the honor killing they have a get-out-of-jail-free card.

•I’m not surprised that alongside for-profit prisons we have a for-profit prison healthcare system.

•Wisconsin Democrat Gwen Moore says if the state wants to drug-test the poor before they can receive aid, it should drug test millionaires who claim big tax deductions.


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