I ate the frog but locked up the dog (#SFWApro)

plush on deskBoth our dogs nip on occasion when playing. Trixie used to be really bad about it, but I trained her out of it. Last weekend, one of Plush’s nips broke TYG’s skin, which was a first. No big deal, though—the damage was barely noticeable—but it seemed like a good idea to both of us to have the doctor check for infection. As Plush’s rabies shots are up to date, we figured that would be that, but no: the law requires he spend 10 days in a shelter or quarantined at home: complete separation from Trixie, no contact with other people, just in case (so no lying next to my lap desk as in the photo).

Keeping the dogs apart without shutting one of them up in a room is logistically challenging, but it’s worth it, of course, to have Plush at home (the Durham shelter is a good place,but he’s our little boy). Monday, when I was worried we couldn’t keep him at home, I really freaked out. And his heart-rending puppy moans of loneliness don’t make for good concentration.  So the end result was less than 40 hours of productive work this week. And the chocolate brownies I made last weekend vanished faster than I expected.

I did eat the frog Monday despite the stress, tackling two projects I’ve been postponing. The nonfiction one I talked about last week? I decided I’ll give it a shot, though I probably won’t start sending out queries until July (it’s not time-dependent). And I finally drew up the maps for the role-playing game module that I wrote. Unfortunately none of the methods I used to save the maps worked very well—I’m working on finding an alternative—but for now the frog remains partially uneaten (unsuccessful methods to finish it off took up a chunk of Tuesday, too)

I did a very rough rewrite of my Regency fantasy short, Mage’s Masquerade. I think I fixed the story problems I mentioned last week, though there’s one that still worries me—whether the villain is using one of those overly elaborate plans when a simple footpad on the street would get the job done. I’ll see what I think on the next go-round. I’d hoped to rewrite It’s Never Jam Today as well, but dog-stress nixed that.

I finished my next And column, though it’s not out yet. I got motivated after reading multiple right-wingers  crowing about how liberal brains will explode over Orlando, because we’ll have to choose between the rights of Muslims and the rights of gays (no, we don’t).

I didn’t get as far in Southern Discomfort as I’d hoped, I’m still on track to be over 40,000 words by the end of the month.

Fiddler’s Black came back with a Liked It But response from Allegory, so I sent it out again to Triptych Tales … and got it back a day later (with a Not Quite Right For Us But Send More email). It’ll go out again next week.

Back when I was spending a lot of time writing for Demand Media, that much fiction would have been completely satisfactory. Now I want more! Much more fiction! Perhaps next week I’ll succeed.


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