The man who made his daughter marry her rapist (and other links)

So an Idaho man named Keith Strawn discovers his 14-year-old daughter has been raped. His solution: drive her across state lines to marry her rapist, because the Bible says that’s what should be done. His lawyer alleged a religious motivation and said that should get Strawn off; it didn’t. Slacktivist cites this as an example of why insisting Old Testament law is God’s will is an unworkable approach to morality, and so is attempts to divide it into good and bad laws (something he discusses further here).

•So in my last And column, I discussed how claims Trump voters are driven to support him because of political correctness are bullshit. And that they have more today with the delusion of part of white America that it’s being oppressed than any actual oppression or thought-policing. Case in point, Patrick Buchanan, who argues that white men feel oppressed because they no longer see themselves portrayed as a higher life form.  “They were the Founding Fathers, Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Hamilton, and the statesmen, Webster, Clay and Calhoun. Lincoln and every president had been a white male.” Only now the president is black and the next one may be a woman (Buchanan doesn’t say that, but it’s hard not to see that as part of the point) and people point out the founders were slaveholders—argh, so oppressed! And here we have a 22-year-old libertarian Trumpite who thinks PC is what allows Black Lives Matter protesters to protest without consequences. Which apparently is much worse than cops shooting innocent black people without consequences.

Like every other Republican candidate, Trump wants to slash taxes on the rich.

•A while back, the government ruled that McDonald’s was a a co-employer along with its franchisees and equally liable for any mistreatment of employees or wage theft. Now New York is making a similar argument about Domino’s.

•The federal flood-insurance program may have screwed over homeowners after Hurricane Sandy.

•So Obama visits Hiroshima, and naturally some right-wingers freak out.

•LGM slaps down a liberal writer who thinks it’s time to stop thinking about race and gender-based injustice.

•A study indicates that fathers are much happier being a parent of sons than daughters.


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