Copyright and privacy: assorted links (#SFWApro)

Wired reports how easily findable guys using the Grindr gay-dating app were, even if they turned off the location features. It’s unlikely this is the only app this is true for.

•Fox makes use of one YouTuber’s clip of a videogame glitch for an episode of Family Guy. The network’s copyright bots then demand YouTube take down the clip. As noted at the link neither Fox nor the Tuber have any copyright claim on this.

•Your computer makes noises that would enable someone to track you online by sound.

•The 2012 LinkedIn data breach may have been bigger than people thought.

• was a site where supposedly members would vent about people they disliked—but if you bought a membership, you could contest negative postings. The FTC says that it was actually the site’s data-mining that provided most of the postings, and the owner didn’t actually let people contest statements. At the link, an appeals court sides with the government.

•Paramount’s lawsuit against an allegedly copyright-infringing fan film is moving forward. This is the same lawsuit that involves Paramount claiming a copyright on Klingon.

•Some courts say that if your phone is fingerprint-locked rather than passworded, law enforcement can legally order you to unlock it.

•A secret court reviews government requests for national security-related surveillance. Apparently it never says no. Which is not actually news—I’d heard the same thing before 9/11—but it’s still noteworthy.

•Even something as simple as how you hit the brakes can identify you as a driver.

•As I mentioned in a previous post (can’t find the link), there’s a lawsuit in Illinois charging that Facebook’s tagging feature violates Illinois data-gathering laws. By an amazing coincidence, lawmakers have introduced a bill that completely protects Facebook.

•In trying to refute negative online reviews, some healthcare providers divulge patient information.

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