In Spite of His Rage, Plush is Still Just a Dog in a Cage (#SFWApro)

(With apologies to Smashing Pumpkins)

IMG_0791So Plushie has still been on cage rest this week, but TYG made some changes while I was gone. As you can see, she’s set up one cage around our couch so Plush can sit with one of us and Trixie. He’s much happier being with his pack, and it’s easier than sharing his cage, then moving out to sit with Trixie, then back, but it does have some drawbacks:

•It’s much easier for them to get in a tussle.

•He’s even more likely than usual to try climbing over me as there’s no other way out.

•It’s a big disincentive to me getting off the couch myself (even to pee). Wednesday I pretty much took no breaks in between meals, and that left my mind foggy as hell by the day’s end.

And then last night Plush tried jumping from the floor onto the couch over the cage (or through the cage, who knows), fell back and landed hard on the edge of the coffee table. Doesn’t seem to have set back his recovery any (he’s had plenty of falls before) but we’ll be watching him closely today. Trixie meanwhile has been needier than usual, probably because she doesn’t have Plushie to play with and our routines are all out of kilter. Today, for example, I sat with Plush in his cage (after the all we wanted to restrict him until it’s clear he’s better) and he curled up so close I couldn’t bring myself to move for a long while. When I did get out and sit on the couch, Trixie was ecstatic to have her daddy back sitting with her, so I’ve been letting her snooze next to me for more than an hour (fortunately Plush dozed off).

These working conditions didn’t exactly hone my mind, particularly when I was doing plotting and outlining for rewrites (as this requires a lot of staring into the distance and thinking, it’s very easy for me to get distracted). I was really surprised after we took the dogs in for daycare how much I was able to work on outlines—I’m not turning into an idiot after all! I may reserve any outlining for day-care days in the future.  I think I’ll also start adopting “work on Southern Discomfort” as a default strategy—at this point it’s one I can work on even if I don’t have the focus for other stories (I tried that this morning, it worked well)

So what did I get accomplished?

I did redrafts of It’s Never Jam Today and Button, Button. I finished redrafting The Glory That Was (subject to reviews from the writing group) and submitted it to a new market.

I continued working on my rewrite of The Impossible Takes a Little Longer, which is coming along better than expected (I’ll go into detail at some point).

I’m a long way from having an outline for the next draft of Brain From Outer Space but I’m starting to at least identify the problems from earlier drafts that need fixing.

Having had two stories come back earlier this month, I sent them out to new markets. Everything publishable is now out.

I wrote my new And column, which is now out.

I read Writing the Other by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward, which I’ll probably discuss next week.

And due to the lack of breaks, and the shorter walkies for Plush, I’m now done for the week. Time to relax.

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