The Sanders Terror and other political links

Wall Street and the Big Banks are terribly, terribly upset that Bernie Sanders and his supporters are criticizing them! And want to regulate them! Don’t they realize lots of jobs come from those firms? And that the outrageous big bonuses are then spent on luxury products and rent, thereby helping the Little People?

There’s lots of good commentary at the link. I will add that no, stopping the big bonuses isn’t somehow lowering the money in circulation. Paying the bonuses doesn’t magically create money, it simply channels it to particular people. If the money wound up going to all their regular staff, say, it would still get spent, deposited or invested, so it’ll still benefit the overall economy. Oh, and if you look back about eight years, you’ll find much the same whining going on about how awesome and indispensable these people are and how deeply hurt they are that nobody validates their delusions of greatness. So like Erik Loomis at the link, I have little sympathy.

•The anti-abortion group pushing bury-the-fetus bills.

•A female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages.

•John Kasich on how to stop rape: keep women away from parties with alcohol.

•Uber has given the government trip data on more than 12 million users.

•More than 7,000 civilians have been tried in Egypt’s military courts.

•Ethiopia muffles independent journalism and human-rights reporting.

•When the government accesses our records in the cloud, Microsoft can’t notify us. It would like to change that. Apple wants to know why the government needs it to unlock the phone in a criminal case where the suspect has pled guilty. And here’s the basics on a federal bill requiring weak encryption. And the Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the government to find out if any FISA court secret decisions have forced companies to decrypt phones.

White (male) terrorism in gaming.

•Well at least North Carolina‘s not uniquely bigoted.

•Watching Errol Morris’ documentary, The Fog of War, Northier Than Thou points out how interviewee Robert McNamara (a Defense Secretary who was bullish on Vietnam back in the 1960s) presents his decisions as something that somehow happened.

•Comcast is shocked and appalled that the FCC wants to restrict how Internet service providers such as Comcast use customer information.

•Prescription information isn’t private either.

•Just two pieces of data may be enough to identify you—even anonymous data.

•A look back at our ugly proxy war in El Salvador.

Right-wing violence on the rise.

•A man’s ex forges his signature on her loan extension, doesn’t make payments and he winds up on the hook and with a black mark on his credit. The man is suing TransUnion on the grounds it should have investigated his report the debt was fake.

•Slacktivist points out that black churches and churchgoers were right about slavery being a sin against God, but many Christians still prefer to take guidance from white evangelicals who were massively wrong.

•Bernie Sanders’ tax plan would eliminate many of the tax deductions he’s claimed on his return. As LGM says, that isn’t hypocrisy.

•The VA has shredded documents that could materially affect veterans’ benefit payments. At the link, the Inspector General says this isn’t a matter of deliberate fraud, but inefficiency and a confusing policy.

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