Life with dogs, but without time travel (#SFWApro)

trixie sleepSo one of my goals for this year was that once the time-travel book was done — and with it, my ability to pet the puppies during work (i.e., watching videos) — I’d get Trixie, Plushie and myself used to the new status quo. So far it’s going  … okay.

I’ve been deliberately adding regular petting sessions to my work day to see if that discourages them from demanding food/petting when I’m concentrating. It’s been reasonably effective, plus they’re pretty good dogs anyway. And they sleep a lot.

When Plushie decides to climb up on the side table (bad if he falls, if he knocks books off or if he topples the table, so not something I can ignore) I’ve found if I sit in the chair he uses, he’s thwarted; he just squats on the floor and waits, or goes back on the couch. I’ve also been training him to go to the couch when told, though that’s far from a conditioned response yet.

The big problems come mostly if he decides he wants (not needs) early walkies. He’ll get on the chair, bark, try climbing onto the computer, anything to stop me writing so he can enjoy the great outdoors. This is very distracting, but so far I’ve managed to keep working. Having Plush Dog get the idea he can get walkies any time he wants would not be good. I hope it sinks in soon that we’ll go out on my schedule, not his.

On the cuter side, sometimes he just snuggles against me, looks up and begs for attention … that I can’t resist. It was a little less cute yesterday when I had to break off for a moment so he started climbing on the computer (he actually hit a key or two but didn’t screw up anything) but still.

plush scritch

Trixie is a little angel for much more of the day.

Although the rule of goal-setting is that they should be specific and measurable, I don’t have this one quantified. Good dogs 75 percent of the time? 95 percent? Six sigma (i.e., 99.99 success)? Still if I can keep it at the current level, I’d feel I’ve been successful.


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2 responses to “Life with dogs, but without time travel (#SFWApro)

  1. Do they work as actual lapdogs? I can usually get a lot of writing done with a cat curled up in my lap, but dogs might be different.

  2. It works best if they’re making panini on either side of me. Trixie I can fit in my lap with the computer if I stretch my legs out far enough. Plushie is just a little too big.

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