Politics, starting with the state where I live

NC Governor Pat McCrory distorts the effects of our state’s new anti-gay&transgender bill (although he has tweaked it slightly). And contrary to reports about how banning trans people from the “wrong” restroom is to protect women and children, more Republicans have been arrested for sex crimes in bathrooms than trans-people (in fairness the crimes were having sex in a restroom, which is not something I’m overly horrified at).

•In Indiana, a delegate to the Republican delegate expresses doubts about Trump’s electability. An anonymous email warns him he’s going to be doxxed and that he’d better go into hiding.

•Indiana now requires all fetuses be buried, whether aborted or miscarried. Indiana women are updating the governor on their periods, just to show they’re following the law. Shakezula weighs in.

•A proposed bill in New York State would require drivers post-accident be subject to phone checks on whether they were texting/playing games etc. before the accident.

Now, moving onto non-geographic issues—

•There’s no right-winger so extreme Ted Cruz refuses his support (well almost. He eventually renounced an anti-gay activist who wants the death penalty for gays, but it took a while). But after all, Repubs have been recruiting support from the far, far right since before this century, so why not? Perhaps it’s not surprising that right-wing First Amendment Is Only For Christians theocrat Bryan Fischer sounds a lot like the Republican front-runners.

•An 18-year-old male Trump supporter wants America’s women to know that “”Misogyny was an issue about maybe 60, 80 years ago … That’s not an issue today. There are a lot bigger fish to fry”

•Scott Lemieux argues the Democrats are further to the left than they’ve been in at least 30 years (I think he’s right, and I think this is a good thing). Case in point.

•We can look at the current political furor as a clash over domination and entitlement.

•I’ve mentioned before that some Republicans are quite open that the purpose of voter-ID bills is to reduce the Democratic vote. Here’s another example.

•No, Paul Ryan is not a safe, sane alternative to Trump and Cruz.

•How much did Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill increase incarceration and reduce crime? Less effect on either than claimed.

•Goldman Sachs is paying $5 billion to settle charges it sold off toxic mortgage securities (i.e., the mortgages weren’t sound) before the financial meltdown.

•Right-wing hack Camille Paglia wants you to know she’s pro-choice but thinks the anti-abortion side is morally superior. More blather at the link.

•Andrew Sullivan, conservative gay columnist (he once accused liberals opposed to the Iraq war of being potential traitors) is astonishingly back in print. As I’ve mentioned before, no matter how wrong warhawk pundits were, their careers don’t suffer.

•Nintendo employee Alison Rapp was harassed online. Nintendo insists its firing her is a complete coincidence.

•Speaking of harassment, the Guardian analyzed its comments and found that women get the most harassment. And feminism and rape are two of the topics that generate the most outrage.


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