Odd and interesting links (#SFWApro)

Yale has been working to document regionalisms around America such as “might could be,” the double negative and the use of “so” as an intensifer (“I would so sleep with her.”). At the link you’ll find links to a interactive map and a text guide to the topic. In the same vein, what is the origin of the Southern phrase “y’all?”

•Speaking of language, the Atlantic looks at the drawbacks to English as the dominant language of science.

•Airport baggage handling from the perspective of the suitcase. It’s a video, not a satire.

•A history of country music songs about cheating.

•IT security writer Brian Krebs looks at how vulnerable ATMs in Mexico are to skimmers.

•A history of 20th century fashion in two minutes of video time.

•Early books of geography didn’t have maps, just instructions how to draw them properly.

•A writer looks at the strange history of the Myers-Briggs personality test.

•A Kmart employee saved some of the stores adult-contemporary music tapes (not the stuff sold in the store, but the background music and muzak for shoppers). You can listen online.

•Abe Books lists the 25 most valuable paperbacks. Here’s a different selection of paperbacks—the covers show why paperback editions were once considered sleazy.

•Maria Konnikova, author of a book about scam artist discusses frauds and con-men — why we fall for them, how we can avoid it (for starters don’t be too confident you can see through them).

•A history of federal administrative agencies argues that contrary to the view of them as a modern-day encrustation on the state, they go back to the early 1800s.

•And here’s an odd and interesting Ross Andru/Mike Esposito cover for Wonder Woman (all rights to current holder).


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