How homosexuality and feminism (allegedly) destroy male friendship

So according to an article on The Federalist, some gays are really just confused men who want friends. But the sexual revolution and the increasing belief (in her assumption) that all close relationships are sexual leads to men and women assuming their close same-sex friendships must be sex-based or why would they feel so happy, so excited, so warm about the other person? As a result, pro-gray propaganda destroys friendship and creates new perverts.

Okay, I can see a couple of friends, in the right time, trying to experiment and see if maybe… but the idea that close friendship will turn straight people completely, permanently gay because of gay rights? Yeah. Right. Just one more thing to try to explain why Gay Is Bad. And slashy assumptions about close same-sex friends go back much further than the era of the openly out. Anti-comics crusader Dr. Wertham, to give one example, was complaining about the homosexual overtones of Batman and Robin back in the closeted age of the 1950s.

Meanwhile, Mike Judge of Acculturated makes the time-honored argument that guys’ nights out are good and healthy and harmless—which I’d generally agree with—and argues this is opposed by feminists (they expect all things to involve men and women equally) and conservatives (who expect a man’s social life to revolve around his family).

Actually while I know feminists object to all-male organizations, networking groups, etc., or events that allow men to talk business while excluding women from the option, I don’t see any political opposition to men just hanging out. There may be personal opposition from guys’ girlfriends and spouses, but I doubt that’s political (most of the complaints seem to be about the amount of time guys’ nights out take up). And I don’t recall any conservatives objecting to it—does Judge have any examples or quotes (not at the article, certainly). Yes, I know feminists have said the personal is political, but I don’t think this stuff is.

And I don’t agree with Judge that “boys night out” is a universally necessary guy thing. Most of my friends are women; I personally don’t feel any gaping hole in my life by not hanging out with all-men groups. Guys’ night out is fun and harmless (I assume) for those who find it fun, but it’s not the stuff of life.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a Jack Burnley cover (all rights with current holder) showing one classic pair of male friends (later, come to think of it, to inspire the gay couple Apollo and Midnighter).


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