Pummeled by Puppies Once Again (#SFWApro)

batman158So Saturday we took Plushie and Trixie in to be groomed, and Plush got his summer cut. And since then, he’s been much harder to cope with. Needier. More demanding of attention and food. More likely to bark and climb on things if he doesn’t get it. Sometimes giving him attention or food is all it takes. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes he wants lots and lots of attention. Sometimes he breathes fire just like Ace the Super Bat-Hound—okay, I’m kidding about that bit (cover by Sheldon Moldoff, all rights with current holder)

Needless to say, this makes it harder to work. Today he was particularly pushy, so I’m feeling exhausted and frustrated instead of satisfied with my week’s work.

And I have a right to be satisfied. I finished my final proof of the text, polished the various appendices and credits and went over the credits to confirm that every film or TV series I wrote about in the text was listed (good thing, as some of them weren’t listed). With some work this weekend and Monday I should be ready to send the book off Tuesday.

But fending off Plushie or trying to concentrate after a prolonged distraction makes it hard to feel I’m making progress. Even though I am. It doesn’t help that he and Trixie are also demanding when I try to take a work break, so I didn’t get anything else done besides eating and petting dogs (which I do enjoy, but not all the time).

Not for the first time, I wonder how I’ll do after the book is wrapped up. Not only will I have dogs to distract me, I won’t be able to “work” (yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before) by putting on some TV series or movie while I’m exercising or cooking. Theoretically I should be fine, but if I have contractors or doctor’s appointments to deal with, I think theory’s going out the window. Case in point, the time I spent at the dentist this week. Nothing serious, but a thorough cleaning takes time. But the good news is, my mouth is much healthier than last visit. I feel so pleased I’m going to smear some molasses mixed with sugar on my teeth this weekend and leave the past so I have a constant sugar rush. Fun!

Well, one way or another I’ll get it right. Eventually. And this time next week, barring something horrible, I will be bragging that the book is finally done and off. It’s a nice thought.

And for anyone who’s curious, here’s Plushie all shaven and shorn. You can see a sample of the Before look here.


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