The week in review: space and time (#SFWApro)

Nothing terribly exciting in this week’s writing. I put in my 40 hours, watched a lot of TV (reviews this weekend, of course), didn’t get quite as much stuff done while watching as I expected. My initial schedule had to be adjusted so that I wound up spending slightly more time with the puppies than usual (normally I have a couple of hours in the morning to write without them, but that didn’t work out). But I do have the text of the book finished (overlooking that there are several more TV shows and possibly a movie or two to add).

So I’ll talk about space and time instead.

Space. One thing I noticed last week, when TYG was gone, is that our living room fits well when there’s one person working down there, not so well when it’s two (even if we’re not there at the same time). When I’m the one who has primary use, I can spread out books or other reference materials on the coffee table and just leave them there. I can save part of the table to hold my computer. TYG can do the same when I was mostly working upstairs in my recliner.

But now I’m watching movies and TV downstairs, and spending time with the puppies, and she doesn’t use her upstairs office either. So all our various shit gets spread out over the table and takes up other parts of the room as well. Likewise I keep piles of reading material downstairs when I used to put it in the bedroom: as we have to give the dogs their last walk in the evening, we don’t go up to bed to read as early as we used to.

There’s no solution to this, but as it’s more of an inconvenience than a serious problem, I can live with it.

Time. The demands of putting in solo dog-parent duties last week definitely threw me off. I’m still getting my writing done, and the dog care of course, but I can’t seem to get the little stuff done—calling contractors, getting bills mailed out (they did get out, not as fast as I’d planned), sending birthday cards on time. The focus isn’t there. Most likely this was aided and abetted by watching the dogs earlier in the morning; normally I do that stuff almost right after I’ve finished my one or two hours of quiet work.

If the scheduling problems persist, I may just designate lunch as the calling time. We give them frozen soft food in Kongs (rubber dog toys) and it usually takes them a half-hour to lick it all out. That would free me up to attend to phone calls while they and I eat.

My plan to restrict dog petting during the work day to specific times didn’t go so well either. I have a feeling all the advice about ignoring their requests until you decide it’s walkies-time or petting time ignores how distracting they can be to someone working from home. Seriously, I took them for late afternoon walkies about an hour earlier than planned because they were both sitting on either side and staring at me. That makes it way too distracting to work.

Of course I didn’t really set times for regular petting so this week wasn’t a good test. We’ll try again next week. Hopefully I’ll be a little more organized.

And to close, a photo of Plushie receiving head scritches. It makes him very happy.

plush scritch

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