Bounding towards the finish (#SFWApro)

blackhawk233And I’m confident that unlike the Leaper, I won’t be too late (cover by Dick Dillin, all rights to current holder).

This week ended up with much more TV viewing than I expected last week. But for the next week and a half, watching stuff really is a minor part of the work. Rewriting, polishing, proofing, will be where it’s at.

I got a lot of that done this week too, finding places where I need foot notes and getting around half the text in final draft form.

Thursday was really productive for a change. I did have some extra errands, but I was able to spend most of the day writing. And as I could go for a day without watching anything, I sat upstairs in my recliner instead of in front of the TV. That felt good (literally, my recliner’s way better for my back than our couch). And took regular breaks, without disturbing any dogs (it’s our day to put them in doggy daycare). It’ll be fun to be doing that again once the time-travel book is done … except I’ll probably have to give up my office most of the week and sit with the dogs downstairs. Still, only staring at one screen, being able to play music in the background, it’ll be nice.

Though I am once again reminded that it’ll be tougher to work a 40-hour week when I don’t have anything to watch. I was running behind by Friday, but by watching an hour and a half of time-travel TV during the morning, I caught up handily.

Friday, despite being my birthday, was a work day. That was cool (I do enjoy my work) but I admit I would have liked to take a walk outside without the dogs for a bit (caging Plushie so he can’t chew on anything in protest at being abandoned seemed like more work than it was worth). In the evening, we hit the Melting Pot for dinner, as it’s both tasty and close. My big birthday presents from TYG were Stilton cheese (mmmm) and a tea shopping spree at a local store, Southern Seasons. I had about four cups today of different types, so far no losers (even Paris tea was good—I’m not big on anything with fancy flavoring, but I figured as it was a gift, I’d experiment). Plus Amazon gift cards and other goodies from other people.

I’m happy.

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