Donald Trump, authoritarian bully (and other political links)

Slacktivist notes that bullying politician Donald Trump and bullying pastor Mark Driscoll are both popular figures with many evangelicals. What does that tell us? Another article argues Driscoll, as a pastor, is even more revealing of what works with some evangelicals.

In several related posts, Slacktivist also discusses this Vox article about the authoritarian tendencies of Trump voters (which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone). In one post, Fred Clark argues that it’s very much a white authoritarianism. And that when they talk about an authoritarian government they expect it to be authoritarian to other people, not them. Which fits with the outraged squeals I hear when I (or anyone) do political articles talking about right-wing terrorism: No, no, no, you’re just smearing conservatives! Focus on the Muslims!

•Digby argues voters who think Trump will fix the economy — better balance of trade, better-paying jobs — are fooling themselves.

•An anti-abortion claim that morning-after pills are more dangerous than childbirth proves that there are lies, damn lies and footnotes.

•A pundit blames the Republicans for the media not covering Trump more aggressively. At the link, Undercover Blue disagrees.

•Rightbloggers continue freaking out about Trump’s success.

•Obama organizes a new effort to expand broadband access, for example, by donating equipment the feds no longer need.

•A court throws out for-profit colleges’ arguments that their access to federal loans shouldn’t relate to whether their training helps students get jobs.

•No, Ted Cruz is not a more moderate Republican.

•A new bill would set limits on airline fees for checked bags and the like.

•Why do some people imagine that voting is unimportant?

•Sigh. Mary Lou Bruner, the Republican who will probably win a seat on the Texas Board of Education, has views ranging from conventional bullshit (the Civil War was not about slavery!) to the more unconventional (Obama is pro-gay rights because he’s a former gay prostitute!).

•Echidne discusses the importance of having women on the Supreme Court.

•Should Comcast be able to favor its own streaming service by not counting it against data caps?

•How has net neutrality affected the Internet in the year since it went into effect? Unsurprisingly Internet companies have not gone broke under the supposedly oppressive regimen, though they are finding ways to work around it.

•Mercedes-Benz is adding more human assembly-line workers to cope with demands for customized cars. Hilton has introduced a robot concierge.

•An unpleasant snag for student-loan borrowers is that if their cosigner dies or goes bankrupt, the lender can call the loan due immediately. At the link, the CFPB is talking taking legal action to stop this.

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