Margaret Sanger, David Brooks and of course Donald Trump: political links

•A detailed look at Margaret Sanger’s views on eugenics. The short answer: she had a lot of racist views and had no qualms allying with people who were much worse. However she did not advocate genocide against blacks and believed that like other women, black women would benefit from birth control.

•Just because someone has an Uber or Lyft decal doesn’t mean they’re a driver with the company.

Virginity exams in Afghanistan.

•Mitt Romney criticized Trump for not backing off from his KKK supporters. Result? Right-wing pundits Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham label Romney a liberal.

•As Slacktivist says, the Klan has a longer terrorism record in America than al Qaeda and done more harm.

•And some pundits want us to know that if a Trump rally starts beating up protesters, it’s the protesters fault.

•One solution to the KKK supporting Trump: claim they’re really liberals. But it isn’t true.

•A look at Obama’s accomplishments in office.

•Businesses do not have to have a privacy policy for your personal data.

•Samantha Field on the “stay at home daughter” movement.

•Undead Sexist Cliches time: Shakezula at LGM looks at a libertarian rant about feminists who think abortion and showing off their bodies are good things.

•David Brooks has the solution to stopping Trump: spread the word about how selfish he is! And that his Trump University was just a scam! In the first place, I doubt that would help (as Slacktivist points out, some evangelicals are already citing Trump as a godless man whom God will use). And as someone who’s listened to right-wingers and libertarians lecture incessantly about how the problem isn’t crooked business, it’s us not being “informed consumers,” the idea of the Republicans suddenly embracing business ethics is … amusing (which is not to say they wouldn’t give it lip service if it would stop the Donald).

•Shakezula again, arguing that Trump isn’t that different from what’s now the mainstream GOP. Case in point, Ted Cruz and his 19 cents-on-the-dollar federal sales tax, along with other tax changes that boost the budget deficit and give most of the benefit to the wealthy.

•Scott Lemieux argues that while the GOP might be able to rally support for a non-Trump candidate (maybe. Possibly), if they shut Trump out at the convention, theyr’e doomed.

•A Russian atheist has been imprisoned for denying the existence of God.

•Georgia’s governor comes out against an anti-gay “religious freedom” bill.

•The GOP candidates on women.

•The Democratic National Committee chair comes down on the side of payday lenders.

•A libertarian law professor argues the fact nobody in Germany had heard of Marco Rubio right after his election proves the mainstream media shut out conservative views. Because how could people not immediately have seen Rubio was a man of destiny and wanted to learn everything about him?

•Another law professor once argued that the Boston Globe getting a Pulitzer for reporting on the Catholic sex abuse scandal was like Osama bin Laden getting a peace prize. Hmm, biased much? (Probably: she’s a Catholic who objected to Notre Dame giving Obama an honorary degree because she considered his politics incompatible with the Church).

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