Here’s how a day gets eaten (#SFWApro)

As I’ve mentioned before, Thursday has gone from “puppies in day care, I can focus on writing” to “puppies in day care, I can do chores and errands!” Usually I manage to balance that out with a lot of writing, but then there’s days like today:

TYG and I took the dogs in early, then spent a little time just hanging out without them (that’s one of the highlights of the day now). Then as I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, I ran TYG into work, then headed off to do multiple errands that can’t be done on the weekend (e.g., bank stuff, faxing some can’t-wait paperwork for Mum) on top of which, of course, I added some errands that were on the way (picking up some tea). Then back home, then 40 minutes bicycling (much easier when I don’t have to pen Plush dog up to keep him from chewing things in my absence). Then lunch. Then off to the eye-doctor (good news, they’re working fine and I don’t need new glasses). And there’s never really a long enough pause to make writing feel worthwhile.

Then back home, but my eyes are dilated enough I don’t want to be writing or reading (until now, obviously) so it’s cleaning and a nap. And so total work done: zero.

I assumed going in that I wouldn’t pull down a full 40 hours this week but I didn’t anticipate blowing the whole day. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

And in the meantime, here’s a striking cover by Frank Frazetta (all rights to current holder) to look at.


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