Conservatives saying bad things (and some liberal responses)

American baseball for Americans! Anti-immigrant Phyliss Schaffly insists that getting rid of non-American baseball players isn’t about bigotry, it’s about saving American jobs.

•Like John Scalzi, I’ve seen some pundits saying liberals need to vote for Anyone But Trump in open primaries to stop him. Scalzi is unconvinced.

•Apple and the FBI continue their fight over whether Apple should give the FBI a backdoor into its encryption.

•An argument that questioning conservative orthodoxy on taxes (always too high on the rich!) will get Republican candidates in more trouble than being soft on social issues. As someone who’s heard the same complaint about liberal activists many time (they’re too close to the party to challenge candidates who are, say, anti-abortion or warhawks), it’s interesting to see it happen to the other side.

•Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says he couldn’t have declared a state of emergency over Flint’s water supply any sooner than he did. At the link, that turns out to be a lie.

•The fight to stop net neutrality goes on.

•Conservatives usually hold up job creation and small businesses as proof of American dynamism. But as Portland is a liberal city, having lots of food trucks and restaurants there proves liberals are destroying the economy.

•Donald Trump says he needs to do more research before rejecting David Duke, neo-Nazi and KKK member.

•Jim Hines on why excusing racists, sexists, etc. as “just someone of their time” doesn’t work. John Seavey meanwhile says “I just want the movies to be faithful to the comics” is not a good argument against race-changing comics characters.

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