So Thursday is what, crazy-quilt day now? Grab bag day? Odd job day? (#SFWApro)

I used to designate Thursday, when the pups are in doggie daycare, as the day to focus really hard on work. No more. It’s now becoming a sort of odds-and-ends day for everything that’s difficult to do with the dogs around:

•Shot-vaccing the carpet of hair, dogfood debris and the like.

•Contractors coming in. Not that it’s always possible, but it is easier not to have Trixie and Plushie freaking out.

•Little jobs such as changing light bulbs, just in case I drop anything.

•Exercise. It’s easier indoors if the dogs aren’t wondering why I’m ignoring them; it’s easier outdoors if the dogs aren’t wondering why I’m not taking them walkies with me.

•And yes, work.

Overall, this was a productive week again: time-travel stuff watched (still watching as I type this), two stories out, agent selected to submit Questionable Minds to, nonfiction queries out. And another special project for Demand Media. However my mind went stone cold when it came time to work on some fiction, so cold I had to shift to other stuff instead. I’ve no idea what the issue was, but it wasn’t productive trying to push through.

However I did read the unfinished draft of The Schloss and the Switchblade to the writing group and I think it’ll turn out very helpful. Based on their comments, I’m right going with a framing sequence rather than just focusing on the movie part of the story (and they liked the movie more than I expected), but it does need to have some payoff, some plot of its own. Some of their suggestions may lead me to what it should be—fingers crossed.

So not too bad. Hopefully I’ll make up the fiction time next week. To close, here’s a striking Lovecraft cover (technically August Derleth working on Lovecraft-style pieces) from Gervasio Gallardo (all rights remain with current holder)



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2 responses to “So Thursday is what, crazy-quilt day now? Grab bag day? Odd job day? (#SFWApro)

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