Insomnia is not my friend, but it feels like it sometimes (#SFWApro)

Monday night, for instance. For some reason I hardly slept at all, so I put in lots of extra hours and wound up well ahead of my required 40 for the week. And then this morning I got up early and was able to sort through a pile of paperwork (tax stuff, writing receipts, vet and pet insurance paperwork, etc.).

It was a productive week. I finished the latest rewrite of the time-travel book’s text, and the credits. I asked McFarland if I could enlarge the book from 130,000 to 137,000 words and got the okay, with the understanding that closer to 130K is much preferred. And I knocked several more things off the list. I’d hoped to be completely done with the viewing now, but I’m still on track for wrapping up by the end of next month.

Somehow I found the time to bat out a rewrite of The Schloss and the Switchblade. I’d requested a reading slot at this week’s writing-group meeting and I had nothing else, so I figured that would be the strongest thing to go with, especially as I didn’t even have an ending until I read the unfinished version and mulled over the feedback. It was overall a favorable reaction, with several suggestions I can use when I get around to the next draft (probably not until April).

And I submitted a short story, got it back almost immediately. Which is disappointing, but it came with positive comments and a prompt no is always better than waiting three or four months and still getting no.

My day of doggy day-care had to be shifted to Wednesday this week which was good: we had a tornado warning and heavy rain so I couldn’t have done much walking of the pups if they’d been home. But it was bad, because I also couldn’t get out and walk or bike by myself, which I enjoy greatly.

Still, a good week overall. So I guess February’s rocky start wasn’t foreshadowing after all.

And for a bonus, here’s an example of a striking cover image that doesn’t really relate to the story. I think the cover was a big part of what convinced me to by this back in my teens. I don’t know the artist (I have a different copy now) but all rights reside with current holder.


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