Foreshadowing is not foredoomed … so far (#SFWApro)

As I blogged about on Monday, we started the week with dog problems, and I wondered if that foreshadowed an unproductive month. So far, no.

I did have plenty of distraction this week: vet appointment Monday (as noted at the link), car in for checkup on Tuesday, electrician in Thursday, and various little tasks (filing pet insurance claims, collecting tax paperwork) that ate up quite a bit of time. Despite which I made my 40 hours and made my exercise schedule (an unplanned but enjoyable long walk today with the dogs helped). Go me! Though it required a good deal more evening work than usual, which has left me rather wiped (after I finish this post, I’m crashing).

The main accomplishment was getting a lot of stuff watched for the time-travel book, and a good start on the next round of revising the text. I also sent off two stories, and got an acceptance on the last story that I sent out last month (a reprint that will appear in Digital Fantasy) so yay! And I got paid for the reprint of Signs and Hortense which will be coming out in Eldritch Embraces.

That was pretty much it, because for the next month and a half, I’m all about finishing Time Travel on Screen. I can’t afford to be anything else. I only submit stories and queries because I can do that while I’m watching Timecop or King Arthur and the Knights of Justice or whatever (reviews tomorrow).

And the walk today was fun. We ran into one of our neighbors, Kathy, and her big malamut, Mischa, a five-year-old but very puppyish dog, one of the few larger dogs that Trixie gets along with. So I wound up walking a very different route from usual, and longer than I’d planned, but we all enjoyed it.

Next week will be a challenge of a different order. TYG’s obligations will require me assuming 100 percent dog care through Thursday, and that’s a lot. There’s also a possibility of snow, which limits where I can walk them (and do they get lively when there’s no long walks in the morning!), and limits my ability to go off and do anything on my own.

So we’ll see. Fingers crossed. And below, we have a picture of Trixie in one of her favorite places, right inside my leg. It’s a little awkward letting her sit there while I write, but she looks so cute tucked into the underside of my knee.


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